Senior School - Term 2, Week 7, 2019

Prefects 2019/2020
Congratulations to our new Prefects and House Captains who were inducted at our Senior School Assembly today.

Su Min Baik, Hugh Bingham, Corey Bridgewater, Alexander Budinsky, Arabella Burfield, Tara Burnes, Benjamin Burns, Kaitlyn Chang, Chloe Choi, Dylan Huntley, Isabel Jackson, Bianca Janse van Rensburg, Joshua Kan, Samuel Kirkegard, Angelina Kondakoff, Joshua Kouts, Melissa Leek, Reshmi Niriella, Cassandra Palin, Lachlan Parkin, Sharni Selzer, Suzaan Stander, Jemma Swaak, Joshua Taylor, Isabel Weston, Saki Yoshizumi

House Captains:
Taylor House: Corey Bridgewater, Kaitlyn Chang, Tessa Clancy, Andrew Cooper
Mueller House: Jordan Hurrell, Chloe Kaltoum, Angelina Kondakoff
Carey House: William Magus, Jessica Meikle, Julia O’Neile, Lachlan Parkin
Elliot House: Aya Shepherd, Daena Smart, James Smit, Ethan Sydenham

Battle of the Bands
On Thursday 20 June our Student Leaders are running the annual Battle of the Bands. This has been a great initiative that began in 2012 and has continued each year. The night will feature band performances from students who attend schools in our local area. This night is also an opportunity to promote the missions program at Pacific Hills with funds raised going to missions.

Extended Leave
If your son or daughter is going to be absent from school for a period of more than five (5) days, it is essential that you request a leave of absence from the school. This needs to be a written request using the School’s application form. Forms can be collected from the Senior School Office.

Mr G Driscoll
Head of Senior School

Dates for Your Diary
20 June Battle of the Bands
3 July Community Service Day
4 July Worship Night