From the Principal - Term 2, Week 9, 2019

Delights and Dangers of Christian Parenting
Reaching higher
In our lives we should not be satisfied with our level of commitment but rather seek to improve through our desire to glorify God and to bless more and more people. This improvement should be wider and higher and richer and deeper. On this occasion I would like to encourage us to have higher goals as per the verse in my Office from Philippians 3:10 which starts by saying, “That I may know Christ”. This is a never ending aspiration and a reminder to us that we should continuously and proactively seek to grow more into Christ.

Duke of Edinburgh Groups
We are so thankful for the safe return and the outstanding adventures that were experienced by our Duke of Edinburgh students recently. Especially we are very thankful for the staff who led and supervised this wonderful outdoor experience - Mr Lees, Mrs Munro, Mrs O’Neil, Mrs Choy, Mr Wannan and Mrs Chambers.

Band Camp Concert
This event held on the evening of Tuesday 25 June was a wonderful bringing together of the tremendous efforts of the recent Band camp held at Crusaders, Galston. We are so thankful for the enthusiasm of so many parents and the wonderful staff.

Junior School Captains, Morning Tea
This was again a special occasion and I am thankful for the quality of student leaders and am very thankful for the staff who train and guide them.

Year Group Meetings
This week I had the privilege of meeting with Kindergarten, Year 3, Year 5, Year 8 and Year 11.

Costs of Before and After School Care
From the beginning of Term 4, 2019 our Before and After School Care has been approved for Child Care subsidy (CCS). For eligible parents the Government will subsidise the fees paid.

Student Reports
As I have been reading hundreds of reports, I am so thankful for the staff of our School who fulfilled their responsibilities seriously and at a high quality. I would like to encourage all parents to feel ready to request time with one or more of your child’s teachers at this time of receiving reports or indeed at any other time. Please make appropriate arrangements with your child’s teacher or section of the School.

We continue to receive significant interest in enrolments in the School and yet we have vacancies next year in the areas of Prep, Kindergarten and Year 5. Please advise your friends who may be interested in enrolments that it would be best to put in their application as soon as possible.

OneMaker Academy
We are so thankful for this ministry for its outstanding presentations of dance, drama and music and we are very thankful for the tutors involved.

Board Executive
On 27 June the Board Executive of our Group of Schools met to discuss matters in preparation for the Board meeting next week. Please pray for the Board Executive under the leadership of our Chairman, Mr Mark McCrindle.

Resources Planning Committee
We are very thankful for those who are looking at the master plan of our School and in particular the new buildings for New Hope School. This committee is chaired by Mr Paul Watkins and includes Mr Geoff Walker and Mrs Julianne Duggan. These friends of our School provide wonderful support for our ministry.

Pacific Streams
We are very thankful for the expertise that has led to the latest publication of Pacific Streams on the occasion of our 40th Anniversary celebrations. This is volume one of this year of a series of publications which will include stories of individuals in our School’s history.

Studies at Regent College
From 24 June to 5 July Mr Greg Driscoll, Head of Senior School is studying courses at Regent College, Vancouver as part of his personal development. For the second of those weeks he will be joined by his wife, one of our outstanding English teachers as they study together.

Regent College is in my opinion the most outstanding Christian higher education community from which we can learn so much.

On Monday 24 June I had the privilege of meeting with our Board Chair, Mr Mark McCrindle. On Friday 28 June, Mr Stuart Coulton, Principal and Mr Greg Swanton, General Manager of Sydney Missionary & Bible College visited with me here at the School.

Staff Devotions
This week we have been blessed to have our Middle and Senior School staff share devotions with us. Mr Christopher Petschack, Mrs Zoe Tonge, Mr Micah Chua, Mrs Juliana Harmeling and Mrs Vonette Munro.

Connection with Christian Schools in Canada
We have two sister schools in Canada, Pacific Academy and Strathcona Christian Academy. We are planning to increase our connections with some excellent Christian schools there in the future.

New Hope School
Please continue to pray as we are currently interviewing new teachers and families for enrolment.

Pacific Brook Christian School
Please pray for various changes at that School as we plan for Middle School in 2020 and as we recently appointed new staff for the primary classes and for the Play and Learn program which is one day a week for Terms 3 and 4. This has been a wonderful introduction to many families in that community.

Pacific Valley Christian School
On 25 June Pacific Valley Christian School received the highest commendation from the NSW Registration Bodies for Schools and received recommendation for the next five years of registration.
The staff of that School should be highly commended. They were assisted by Mrs Belinda Nunn, Mrs Carolyn Sakoulas from Pacific Hills Christian School and Mrs Helen Blanch from The Excellence Centre.

Valley Hope School
Please continue to pray for this small growing School as we review the master plan for its continual growth.

Pacific Hope School
We continue to be thankful for the large group of students in that School and the excellent staff and the interest from others schools.

Pacific Coast Christian School
This week was the opening of the new Café and Food Technology Centre which is a wonderful new facility that both assists in the teaching and learning of students in the area of service of others and the building of community.

Dr E J Boyce