From the Principal - Term 2, Week 7, 2019

Delights and Dangers of Christian Parenting
Global Village
For many years much has been said as a fact that we live in an increasingly global village. By that is meant with ease of travel and quality of communications we are not far from one another wherever we are in the world. This is so different from what it was a generation ago and earlier.
As a Christian school community, we are in touch regularly with many friends from different parts of the world. We can see them, talk with them and visit them. As technology and travel increase even further in the future, our children will experience this closeness of relationship even more. Therefore, we are careful to encourage them to use travel and communications wisely and for the benefit of others. We would like to build our relationships with other Christian school communities through enriching our current relationships and developing new ones.
Pacific Hills Christian School does this through our Missions program, our Christian Education Development Program and through the Global Christian Schools Network.
Through these strong and growing relationships, we are blessed richly both individually and as a Christian school community. Not only do we serve others but we are blessed ourselves. I continue to encourage members of our School community including families to grow in their understanding of God’s world and God’s people through engaging with our many contacts around the world.

Morning Tea with Senior School Captains
On Tuesday 11 June, I had a wonderful opportunity sharing morning tea with our Senior School Captains and Vice Captains. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to engage with such highly committed and intellectual young people in our community. They shared with me also about their recent trip to serve at Pacific Valley Christian School and Pacific Coast Christian School.

OneMaker Academy Troupe Showcase
Last Tuesday evening, a large crowd gathered to enjoy wonderful presentations from our OneMaker Academy students and staff. We are very thankful for the opportunity to observe our students using their gifts so well.

2020 Subject Selection Evening
It was great to see students and parents . We thank and greatly appreciate the staff who make themselves available to advise parents and students at these events.

High Tea
On Thursday 13 June we held our Registrar’s High Tea. This was a wonderful event for interested families who are wanting to attend Pacific Hills Christian School. I am thankful for the staff who were involved in making this event such a success.

We are continuing to receive many enrolment applications for different parts of our School community and for this we are thankful. It is good for people in the community to understand that in many cases we will need to have waiting lists so it is best for prospective members of our community to apply sooner rather than later.

Group to New Zealand
A group of our senior staff have visited Kingsway Christian School, Auckland and Bethlehem College in Tauranga looking at the way in which they engage with ICT in teaching and learning. This team was led by Mr Gavin Neale, Head of Middle School, and joined by Mr Steven Coote, Mr Micah Chua, Mrs Jo Lapointe and Mr Scott Cousins. Mr Gavin Nancarrow, Assistant Principal, Pacific Coast Christian School was also with them.

Staff Devotions
We have been blessed to have members of our staff share devotions with us this week. Thank you to Mr Scott Daniels, Ms Angeline Kong and Mrs Ashley Brown. We were also blessed to have Mr Benjamin Razey visit who shared his recent Mission trip with us.

Transform the Nations Retreat
Last weekend the Transform the Nations retreat took place in Camp Drewe, Lennox Head. This is the ministry in India, Nepal, Myanmar, Cambodia led by Mr Grahame Kerr. The retreat was a wonderful time of fellowship and sharing as well as a wonderful series of thoughts by Reverend Tim Meyers, who is the Executive Principal of Melbourne School of Theology and Eastern College Australia. Please pray for this ministry as it assists so many people who are vulnerable and hurt.

On Tuesday 11 June, I had the privilege of meeting with three leaders of Soul Survivor, a ministry that has used our School as a base during school holidays to disciple young people in the Christian faith including serving those in need in the local community. Our connecting point for this ministry is one of our property staff, Mr Scott Daniels who is a great blessing to us as well as to his local Church where he is Youth Pastor.

I also had the privilege of meeting with representatives from Compass, Mr Jeff Nagle CEO, and Mr Matthew Stackhouse. We were discussing ways in which we could serve together.

New Hope School
Please pray for Mrs Dowson and Mr Francis as they lead this delightful School. Pray also for the continuing planning for the new facilities and the hope that we have for significant Government funding for that project.

Pacific Valley Christian School
This week the Board of Pacific Valley Christian School met on Thursday 13 June. We continue to see growth in this School in enrolments and we are continuing to develop plans for future growth of this School.

Valley Hope School
Please continue to pray for this School which also had its Board meeting this week. Please pray for the staff and the growing number of students.

Pacific Coast Christian School
Please continue to pray for this ministry and especially the current emphasis being on hospitality in the Missions Café which is almost ready for use.

Pacific Hope School
Please continue to pray for this School with its many ideas of interaction with the community as well as the developing of students in many different ways.

Pacific Brook Christian School
Please continue to pray for this School as we look to purchase new land and as we look to the next stage of building on the current site in preparation for Middle School in 2020. Please pray also for the growing number of Kindergarten enrolments and students in the Play and Learn programme.

Devotions at Carinya House and Yurana House
Adult members of our School community would know that each Saturday members of our staff and sometimes parents take Devotions after breakfast at two retirement villages, Carinya House and Yurana House. Any School families that would like to be involved in this ministry please contact Mrs Judy Walker to discuss your interest.

Please pray for Mrs Cadwallader as she is leaving this weekend to visit Moldova and London as she assists Mrs Ruth Hillier in preparing the presentations for Christmas to a very large number of children and adults in that country. Each year the numbers at presentations has grown and the authorities of public schools have asked more students to attend. These presentations take place late October to early December and we expect the number of up to 11,000 children will attend those presentations in 2019. Please continue to pray for this ministry under the leadership of Mr Matthew Hillier, the Founder and Director of Christian Mission International Aid which he established when he was a student at Pacific Hills Christian School.

Middle School at Regional Schools
Please continue to pray for all of the arrangements that we are making towards the establishment of Middle School, as well as Mr Neale and Dr Razey and a number of other staff who are involved in this process of development. We will be hosting at our Middle School some of the key leaders and teachers of Pacific Brook Christian School, Pacific Coast Christian School and Pacific Valley School.

Dr E J Boyce