From the Principal - Term 2, Week 6, 2019

Delights and Dangers of Christian Parenting
Community Life
On many occasions I share with prospective School families that Pacific Hills Christian School is a community rather than an institution. The same concept of community we use when we speak about family and when we speak about fellowship with each other.
It is good for us to establish a sense of community. As I said to our Year 10 students this week, we were created to be in community rather than to be on our own. So therefore, we will manage not only our own lives but our lives in community with others. This understanding helps us to grow and to be supported and corrected by others.

The enrolments in Pacific Hills are very strong yet there is still some space for the beginning of 2020 for our Middle School in Year 5, in Prep classes and Kindergarten. Please advise your neighbours and friends that if they would like to consider Pacific Hills Christian School as the place for their child that they should apply as soon as possible. We continue to have interviews for families for these grades at School but we would like to encourage those who want Christian Education to proceed with their expressions of interest.

Sydney Prayer Breakfast
On Wednesday 5 June a number of our staff and board members attended the Sydney Prayer Breakfast in the City. It was a wonderful occasion of 1300 people with the speaker being Mrs Claire Rogers who is the CEO of World Vision Australia. It was great to be with so many Christian brothers and sisters praying for our City and our Country.

Mission Teams
I have been delighted to interview eight prospective student members for India Mission for December this year. We still have the possibility of further members, both students and adults. The team is led by Mr and Mrs Bill and Carolyn Sakoulas.

I have also met with students who are planning to conclude their time as students at Pacific Hills Christian School by engaging in mission as part of the Vanuatu or Fiji Mission teams. As I interviewed these students I am so thankful for them and the opportunity we have to serve together in mission.

Staff Devotions
We have been blessed and thankful this week to have Mrs Elle Morris, of New Hope School, and Mr Darren Elliott and Mrs Alycia Singh, from Middle School who shared devotions with us throughout this week. We were also blessed to hear from Mr Geoff Folland, Power to Change who also came and shared with us.

Baby for Mrs Campbell
On Monday 3 June Mrs Campbell gave birth to her second child, Ted (Edward). Both mother and son are doing very well. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Campbell.

Jarek & Iwonka from Poland
We farewelled this couple who are heavily involved in Christian Education in Poland. During their time with us we were reminded of the value of our ministry with them in Poland and the blessing that such connections are for us here.

Visit to Australian Christian College Marsden Park
On Thursday 6 June, Dr Tina Lamont and I had the privilege of visiting this school which is now led by one of our former senior staff members, Mr Brendan Corr.

The Excellence Centre Parenting Seminar
One of our staff, Mrs Collett Smart, presented to almost thirty adults from her wealth of knowledge and experience in Parent Education. We are very thankful for these opportunities to serve our community.

New Hope School
Please continue to pray for the planned development of buildings which are the centre of significant discussions at present with our Resource Planning Committee and architects. We are thankful for the expertise and commitment of staff and volunteers under the leadership of Mr Paul Watkins.

Pacific Brook Christian School
On Monday 3 June, several of our senior staff travelled to attend the Open Night for the School’s continued growth. A large number of parents, grandparents and other community members attended, continuing to show a great interest in the development of the School.

Pacific Coast Christian School
Please continue to pray for this School which has had some difficult issues with regard to vandalism of school property. Please pray for the Principal, Mr Donnelly and the staff.

Pacific Hope School
Please continue to pray for this consistently growing School with more than fifty students. We are thankful for the strong relationship between the staff and parents as they work together for the good of the children.

Pacific Valley Christian School
Please pray for this School including the preparation for their visit from NESA, the Government body which approves registration and accreditation of schools.

Valley Hope School
We continue to be thankful for the growth of this School and we are thankful for the excellent result of the NESA visit recently. The inspectors had nothing but positive comments about the documentation of this School.

Transform the Nations Retreat
Please pray for this wonderful organisation as it serves in Nepal, Cambodia, India and Myanmar, for the board and supporters at their annual retreat this weekend.

Queen’s Birthday weekend
We are thankful for the extra day’s break of routine, especially for our staff who have worked extremely hard with the complexities of school life as well as with the Musical and 40th Anniversary celebrations. At present many staff are working on student reports for the end of this season of schooling and that is an extra responsibility on the normal working routine of school life. We thank God for all of our staff, teaching and non-teaching.

Dr E J Boyce