From the Principal - Term 1, Week 6, 2019

Delights and Dangers of Christian Parenting
Wellbeing as a sense of peace
As we celebrate Wellbeing in our School this year I am interested to remind the members of our community that the essential foundation of Wellbeing is to be at peace with God. As a result of being at peace with God we can have peace with one another and also within ourselves. The Bible teaches us that God gives us His peace and that this peace passes all understanding. This results in Wellbeing with a sense of contentment with resilience within our life experiences.

Colin Wood
We are very thankful for the wonderful service of Mr Colin Wood to Pacific Hills for almost 19 years. Mr Wood has served as Head of Middle School for the last 10 years and has had great impact on the lives of many Senior School and Middle School students. Please pray for Mr Wood as he takes up his new position as Deputy Principal at Norwest Christian College.

Please also pray for Mr Gavin Neale as he commences his position as Head of Middle School.

Year 5 Camp
I would like to express my appreciation for the staff who have given their time this week from Wednesday 6 March to Friday 8 March to serve our Year 5 students at Camp in Bathurst.

40th Anniversary Celebrations
Please remember the following dates as we look forward to celebrating this special Anniversary, 12 April, 18 May, 19 May, 21 May and 23 May. Details will follow shortly.

Staff Devotions
This week we have been blessed and thankful for the Devotions given by staff of our Senior School, Mr Greg Driscoll, Mr Jonathan Brayshaw, Mrs Jo Lapointe and Mr Matthew Richmond.

On Tuesday 5 March I had the privilege of meeting with Mr Nathan Parkin, our School Board Treasurer and parent of the School.

New Hope School
Please continue to pray for these special needs students and the wonderful staff that serve in New Hope School.

We continue to receive great interest in enrolments for our School. We were reminded of this at the recent Open Day on 2 March when almost a hundred families visited the School and expressed an interest in enrolling children.

Upcoming Mission Trips
Please pray for our upcoming Mission trips as they prepare for their departures in April.
14 - 24 April Nepal Mission - Led by Miss Emily Carruthers
14 - 24 April Outback Mission - Led by Mr Christopher Petschack
14 - 27 April Paraguay Mission - Led by Mr Paul McConnell

Upcoming Christian Education Development Program (CEDP), Nepal
Please continue to pray for Mrs Mel Razey, Mr Colin Lees and Mr David O’Hara as they serve in Christian Education in the work in Nepal in April.

Please continue to pray for one another and for people with special needs in our community. We are thankful for the prayer groups that are operating in the School. Please pray for Reverend Bob Frisken, former Board Member who remains in hospital recovering from extensive surgery.

On Monday 11 March, Mr Steven Coote will join our community as Group Director of Strategic School Improvement. Please pray for him and also Mr Brian Cox who works with The Excellence Centre part time in his role of Director of School Leadership.

Meetings of Year Groups
This week I had the privilege of meeting with Year Groups. I enjoyed reading and sharing with Kindy, Year 9 and Year 11. Dr Tina Lamont enjoyed reading with Prep this week in my absence.

Meetings with Faculty Head Teachers
Again this week Mrs Belinda Nunn, the Dean of Curriculum and I have continued to meet with Faculty Head Teachers to consider the Academic Results of 2018 and plan how we can improve further in academic performances of our students in the future.

OneMaker Academy
We are thankful to God for the operations of OneMaker Academy and the Creative and Performing Arts. Already many hundreds of students are involved with tutors individually and in groups.

We continue to be very excited by the wonderful masterplan that has been developed for our School community here at Pacific Hills. At recent meetings of our committee we have concentrated on the planning of all the new facilities which will commence the new phase of New Hope School. We are very thankful for our Architects, Noel Bell Ridley Smith & Partners and for the wonderful volunteer support we have from Mr Paul Watkins, Mr Geoff Walker, both as past parents of the School, and Mrs Julianne Duggan, a past student, parent and also current Board Member of the School.

Middle School at each Regional School for 2020
In the last few weeks I have had the privilege together with Mr Gavin Neale and for two of the visits also with Mr Colin Wood to visit each of the Regional Schools as we plan the establishment of Middle School in each of those locations in 2020.

Pacific Brook Christian School
Please pray for our current plans to purchase new property in Muswellbrook on which we hope to build new school buildings for the future growth of the School.

Pacific Group of Schools
I take this opportunity to remind our School community that each of our Pacific Schools are independent of all the other Schools in financial operational terms. This is a reminder that any services provided by Pacific Group to the other Schools is covered by management fees from each of the Schools involved.

Pacific Valley Christian School
Please continue to pray for Pacific Valley Christian School as they continue to grow in enrolments and in planning for new facilities.

Valley Hope School
Please continue to pray for Mr Nathan Murray as the Head Teacher and the other staff members as they care for this special group of students.

Pacific Coast Christian School
Please pray for the decision on the leadership of this School including the appointment of a new Principal.

Pacific Hope School
We thank God for even more students who have recently enrolled in this School and we pray for new programmes of Life Skills that are being introduced there.

Dr E Boyce