From the Principal - Term 1, Week 5, 2019

Delights and Dangers of Christian Parenting
Praying for Others
I encourage our teachers particularly those of Junior School classes, to sit in the chairs of their students and to pray for them. It is such a good thing for us to do. We are acknowledging through our prayers that we need God’s help and that we are thankful to God. As adults I encourage us to pray for others because it is very difficult to be unkind or hurtful to others if we are praying for the person. This is a great habit for us to teach our children as they grow up.

Schools Summit
On Monday 25 February I was privileged to attend the Sydney Morning Herald Schools Summit in the City. We heard from the NSW Minister for Education, Mr Robert Stokes, and the Shadow Minister for Education, Mr Jihad Dib, as well as a number of other fine presenters. The theme was Futures in Education, particularly in schools.

One of the special points made by three speakers, was the value of teachers teaching other teachers and how good that was for their professional development. One of the speakers referred to the teaching of younger students by older students and the value that provides for the improved learning of the one who is doing the teaching. This was a reminder of the value of the Christian Education Development Programme (CEDP) at Pacific Hills and our other Pacific Schools and also the value of the mentoring program of our senior students and past students, particularly in Mathematics.

Farewell for Mr Colin Wood
On Monday 25 February, the School Leadership Team shared in a meal with Mr Colin Wood, our outgoing Head of Middle School and his wife, Kylie. This event was an opportunity for us to acknowledge God’s goodness to us and the provision of Mr Wood in our School and also to be thankful to Mr Wood for his service here and to entrust him to God’s care for the future.

New Hope School
We continue to be thankful for this School for students with special needs and we are looking forward to the provision of new facilities for that School which we expect to be built during 2020.

Meeting with Mr Mark Fowler
On Tuesday 26 February, we had a visit from Mr Mark Fowler, a strong Christian lawyer who is working with government and many other groups. His plan is to allow Christian Schools to retain the freedom of choice in the employment of staff particularly. We had a very productive meeting and look forward to further engagement with him in light of expected events in the Federal and State Parliaments.

Staff Devotions
This week we have been blessed and thankful for the Devotions given by our staff, Mr Ray Evans, and Junior School staff, Miss Amanda Fitzsimmons, Mrs Stephanie Tondl, Mrs Tammy Chen and Mr Scott Cousins.

Meta Leadership Team
The Meta Leadership Team of our Group of Schools is comprised of Mrs Judy Walker, Mr Chris Baldry, Dr Tina Lamont, Mr Andrew Waters and myself. This is the team which coordinates and plans strategically and administratively for the Pacific Group of Schools. Please pray for the Meta Leadership Team.

Educational Leadership Team
Please pray for the Educational Leadership Team of the School as we meet regularly to look for ways to review our past experiences and prepare for improvements in the future.

Meetings with Faculty Head Teachers
Mrs Belinda Nunn, Dean of Curriculum, and I met with each of the Faculty Head Teachers to consider the Academic Results of 2018 and plan how we can improve further in the academic performances of our students in the future.

Year Group meetings
This week I appreciated the opportunity to meet with Year Groups. I enjoyed reading with Prep and sharing with Year 3 and Year 8.

On Tuesday 26 February, I had the privilege of meeting with Mr Brett Lindner a former parent of the School and Pastor. I also met with Ms Narelle Barbarino from the Bible Society.

Chinese New Year Dinner
On Saturday last Mr Royston and Mrs Angeline Lee hosted a dinner for a significant number of Chinese families particularly the staff, to celebrate this special annual event.
We are thankful that in our community at Pacific Hills we can acknowledge Australian culture and Chinese culture and many other cultures but for us the most important point is the Christian culture here.

Prayer for Reverend Bob Frisken
One of our former Board Members and one of the founders of Christian Schools of Australia, Reverend Bob Friskin, underwent two operations of his stomach. Please pray for him in his recovery. I had the privilege of visiting our brother on the weekend.

40th Anniversary Celebrations
Please note that we are having a School Fun Day to celebrate our special Anniversary on Friday 12 April. This will be primarily for students and will allow the School to celebrate this milestone.

Upcoming Mission trips, Nepal, Outback, South America
In April we have several teams taking part in Mission Trips. We thank God for this opportunity and pray for our teams in the coming days as they prepare to depart.
14 - 24 April: Nepal Mission, Leader - Miss Emily Carruthers
14 - 25 April: Outback Mission, Leader - Mr Christopher Petschack
14 - 27 April: Paraguay Mission, Leader - Mr Paul McConnell

Christian Education Development Program (CEDP), Nepal
Please pray for Mrs Mel Razey, Mr Colin Lees and Mr David O’Hara as they serve in Christian Education in the work in Nepal in April this year. As mentioned earlier these times of training others in what we believe and practice are invaluable times of professional development for our own staff.

Open Day 2 March 2019
These events are always valued to promoting our School and I’m always thankful for the involvement of so many staff and a number of Student Leaders. This is a good way to showcase our School community.

Staff Birthday Morning Tea
We enjoyed sharing together and celebrating staff birthdays during morning tea this week, held on Thursday 28 February.

School Musical
We continue to look forward to this special presentation. We are thankful for God for those who are leading this presentation and for all those workers who have volunteered by assisting behind the scenes.

Year 7 Camp
This week from Tuesday 26 February to Friday 1 March our Year 7 students and a number of staff enjoyed a time of relaxation, refreshment and learning together at Youthworks - Cambewarra (Shoalhaven).

Year 5 Camp
Please pray for our Year 5 students and staff as they visit Bathurst from Wednesday 6 March to Friday 8 March.

Junior School Parent Teacher Interviews
Please be reminded that Parent Teacher Interviews will be held on Monday 25 March to Friday 29 March. I would like to encourage parents to take this opportunity as it’s a wonderful time for parents to meet with their child’s teacher.

Pacific Brook Christian School
Please continue to pray for Pacific Brook Christian School as we prepare to commence Middle School there in 2020 and as we proceed to the possible purchase of a new School site in Muswellbrook.

Pacific Coast Christian School
Please pray for this School with its increased enrolments. Please pray also for interviews to be held on Monday 4 March with the candidates for the position of Principal.

Pacific Hope School
Please pray for families as they deal with challenges with their special needs children and as they work in partnership with Pacific Hope School for the best education possible for them.

Pacific Valley Christian School
Please pray for the review of the School’s Masterplan and for the extra students who have enrolled in the School this year.

Valley Hope School
Please continue to pray for this School as the Board has had its first meeting for the year on 28 February. Please pray for Mr Max Maddock and the rest of the Board Members.

Franklin Graham
Last weekend several hundred people made commitments to Christ as their Saviour during special events held at Darling Harbour with Franklin Graham, who is the CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and also of Samaritan’s Purse. We thank God for his ministry in these areas.

Dr E Boyce