From the Principal - Term 1, Week 4, 2019

Delights and Dangers of Christian Parenting
Being an example
It is so important for us as parents and educators of children to set an example. As Titus 2:7 says, “In everything set an example by doing what is good.” In 1 Corinthians11:1 we read, “Follow my example as I follow the example of Christ.” In Ephesians 5:1-2 we read, “Be imitators of God therefore as dear children, live a life of love just as Christ loved us and gave Himself as an offering and sacrifice to God.”

In these verses we understand the great importance of being a model to others. Jesus himself said, “The student when fully matured will be like the teacher.” So therefore, we have a great responsibility and privilege in being an appropriate example to our children whether in the home or in the school setting.

As in other areas of life this is extrapolated by encouragement of those who learn from us in being examples to others themselves. Those with older children realise that younger children frequently follow the example of the older ones whether in the same family or not. So therefore, for us to teach the importance of example is a critical lesson for those of us who have responsibility for children.

Rev Bob Frisken
Please pray for the Rev Bob Friskin, one of the founders of the present Christian Schools Movement, and a great encourager and support of Pacific Hills Christian School and New Hope School. Last Friday, Bob underwent surgery for removal of part of his stomach and for our encouragement the surgery went well but we are continuing to pray for Bob in a strong recovery.

New Staff meetings
This week I have had the privilege of meeting with the following new staff in regards to settling into our community.

  • Mrs Jane Soper – Occupational Therapist, New Hope School (Mon,Wed)
  • Mrs Cheryl Sefton – Teachers Assistant, New Hope School (Mon,Wed)
  • Mr Joe Pennington – Teachers Assistant, New Hope School (Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri)
  • Miss Eleanor Campey – Year 2 Teacher
  • Mr Duncan Clark – Year 1 Teacher
  • Mrs Tammy Chen – Junior School Counsellor
  • Mrs Kathryn Lattouf – TEC Word Processing Assistant (Mon,Tues)
  • Mrs Juvena Baldry – English Teacher
  • Mrs Isha Dodanduwa – Accounts Officer

Year Group meetings
I continue to appreciate the opportunity to meet with the groups of students and Year Groups for reading with them or sharing stories with them. This week I have had the privilege of speaking with Year 1, Year 2 and Year 4.

Staff Devotions
We have been thankful and blessed to have Dr Cedric Gibbs share with us for our staff devotions this week. We are thankful for his ministry and continual support of our School.

Earlier this week I had the privilege of meeting with Mr Graeme Irwin, Executive Principal of St Philips Group of Schools and on Tuesday 19 February meeting with Mr Geoff Deane, Architect of Noel Bell Ridley Smith & Partners. On Wednesday 20 February Miss Emma Wynn-Jones, Director of International Partnerships from the Association of Christian Schools International Australia, visited the School to discuss the work she does.

New Hope School
We are looking forward to some new enrolments in this Special School in the near future. We continue to be thankful for the high quality of staff including the new staff of that School.

Assistant Faculty Head Teacher
I am pleased to advise that Mrs Kelly Baker has been appointed as Assistant Faculty Head Teacher of English to assist the Faculty Head Teacher, Mrs Jo Lapointe, who already has responsibility of Assistant Head of Senior School.

School Musical
Please pray for the rehearsals that are proceeding as we look forward to this wonderful series of presentations in May this year. We are thankful for God for those who are leading this presentation and for all those workers behind the scenes.

40th Anniversary Celebrations
We continue to look forward to this special occasion with celebrations being held on Saturday 18 May, Sunday 19 May, Tuesday 21 May and Thursday 23 May. Details for these series of events will be mentioned in coming weeks.

Fun Day, 12 April 2019
Please be reminded in lieu of the School Fair and because of the many other celebratory events with our 40th Anniversary, we are holding a Fun Day on Friday 12 April. We are looking forward to a great day with our students and staff.

Year 8 Parents Breakfast
On Friday 22 February, Year 8 parents and students enjoyed breakfast together. This was a great success and enjoyed by all. We thank those who were involved in making this event happen.

Pacific Hills Christian School Board meeting
We are so thankful to God for the Board of Pacific Hills Christian School under the leadership of Mr Mark McCrindle. We had a delightful meeting on Thursday evening 14 February.

New Car Park 2019
At the Board Meeting on 14 February the Board approved the allocation of funds for the establishment of a new car park in the area of our New Hope School. We expect this facility to be in place by the start of 2020.

New buildings, New Hope School 2020
Our School Board has approved that we apply for an application for Federal Government funding through the AIS Block Grant Authority for the building of this school through 2020. Please pray for this process.

Pacific Brook Christian School
Please pray again this week for Pacific Brook Christian School. Last Friday we had the Board Meeting for that School and the celebration of one year of establishment. We are delighted in the growth of numbers in the School and we are hopeful for the availability of a new site for this School as it grows. Please pray with us in this matter.

Pacific Valley Christian School
Please continue to pray for this ministry under Mr Scott Logan and as we have continuing significant enrolments at the School.

Valley Hope School
Please pray for this small and growing School under the leadership of the Head Teacher, Mr Nathan Murray, and a highly committed staff of teachers and support staff.

Pacific Hope School
We are thankful for several more students who have enrolled in this School in the past week. Please pray for the School.

Pacific Coast Christian School
Please pray for the new Principal to be appointed to this School. We believe that God has already anointed that person and we therefore are asking God to lead us in our decision making. Please pray for Mr Patrick Donnelly and the staff in this period of change.

Middle School at Regional Schools
Please pray with us as we go through the process this year in the establishment of Middle School at each of Pacific Coast Christian School, Pacific Valley Christian School and Pacific Brook Christian School for 2020.

Regional School Leaders’ Gathering
On the evening of Monday 18 February our Regional Principals and Directors met for dinner and again on Tuesday 19 February we met together at Pacific Hills Christian School. Several presentations were held throughout the day including Mr Brian Cox who is our Director of School Leadership.

Franklin Graham Crusade
Please be reminded that Franklin Graham will be visiting Sydney at the ICC, Darling Harbour on Saturday 23 February and Sunday 24 February at 7:30pm both evenings. This event is free of charge and all are welcome.

Dr E Boyce