Delights and Dangers of Christian Parenting
Context of Listening

This week I would like to encourage all of our School community members particularly parents, to consider that when we receive information, that we are to place that information in context. For example, it is possible for us to not realise the enthusiasm and excitement of a person that shares wonderful news with us and who shares their experience with us, that we can become judgemental of what we are told about somebody without examining the context including, the history of what we have been told or what we share with others

Therefore, it is very important for us to not just share knowledge but to share understanding with wisdom. People whom we trust and admire are those who are encouragers and who speak positively and kindly of others. In effect, this is a way of displaying the grace and truth that is in Jesus.

Thanksgiving and Prayer
Continually we are thankful for the richness of blessings that we have in Christ and being part of an authentic Christian community. We are thankful for the significant others in our lives, in family and beyond. We continue to be thankful for living in Australia with our strong and stable Government and our effective heath services. We are thankful also, that we can learn from and with one another as we seek faith in God and sacrificial generosity in serving others.

We need to continue to pray at all times for God’s intervention in the struggles of our lives, including the current pandemic. We need to pray with thankfulness and with intercession for a world-wide recovery from the current circumstances that impact so many of us. We need to pray for those amongst us, who are unwell or who have been encountering difficulties in their lives, personally, as families and as a wider community.

HSC Examinations
On Tuesday 20 October, I was thankful to pray with our HSC students before their first exam commenced. Please pray for them that they will have peace as they engage through their learning the questions asked of them. I am thankful for the families of the students and significant others, particularly parents as they have supported and continue to support their children at this time. The final examination is scheduled for 11 November.

Staff Devotions/ Visitors
This week we have been blessed to have Mr Andrew Waters, Assistant Principal, and Pastor Keith Baker, St Pauls Anglican Church, Castle Hill, share with us.

Maternity Leave
Please pray for Mrs Kelly Baker, Faculty Head Teacher of English, as she concludes her current season with us prior to the birth of her first child. Please pray for Mrs Baker as she has been a wonderful blessing to so many staff and students at our School. Please pray for the safe delivery of her child and the wonderful time of celebrating being a parent.

We continue to receive applications for enrolment for next year and we welcome that interest. However, we are also wanting others to know that there is still the possibility for enrolment in the School and therefore, I would encourage you to advise others to contact our Director of Enrolments Mrs Marie-Louise FitzGerald.

Year Group Meetings
This week I have had the privilege of spending time with Prep and also sharing with Year 10.

Regional Schools
Please pray for each of our Regional Schools and their leaders:

  • Pacific Coast Christian School at Tweed Heads, Mr Patrick Donnelly, Principal
  • Pacific Hope School at Tweed Heads, Mr Klaus Knobloch, Director
  • Pacific Valley Christian School at Maclean, Mrs Lee Hackfath, Acting Principal
  • Valley Hope School at Maclean, Mr Nathan Murray, Director
  • Pacific Brook Christian School at Muswellbrook, Mr Damien Gainsford, Principal

On Monday 26 October, we are introducing the new Principal, Mr Brett Sharrock, to the community of Pacific Valley Christian School. We are also in the process of interviewing new staff for various positions at our Schools.

Please pray for Mr Klaus Knobloch, the Director of Pacific Hope School, Tweed Heads, who recently suffered a snapped Achilles tendon. We pray for a good recovery and that he will receive much kindness and support in his responsibilities at this time. We also offer our congratulations to the staff of Pacific Hope School and the wonderful support that they have received from Mrs Belinda Nunn, Pacific Group Dean of Curriculum, and others as they received strong affirmation in their continuing accreditation and registration as a School with Government authority.

Please pray for Mr Damien Gainsford, the new Principal of Pacific Brook Christian School, Muswellbrook and his family as they settle in.

Dr E J Boyce