Delights and Dangers of Christian Parenting
I think it is not possible to spend too much time on encouragement. Every day we should encourage one another and in particular the children in our care. We can exercise this spirit of encouragement by affirmation, support and correction. We must always use love and grace with encouragement. To encourage is to give courage to people for their good and the good of others. I encourage School parents to encourage one another and particularly their children in understanding God’s purposes and serving according to Gods’ purposes.

Last weekend a number of our staff were involved in the Hills Schools’ Expo at Castle Hill which was a great opportunity to showcase the School and many of those who attended were impacted by the presentations from our team. We continue to receive enrolment applications and I would still like to encourage School families to encourage their friends to consider enrolments in the early years of school.

This week I had the privilege of meeting with Mr Dave Ingram, Executive Director Samaritan’s Purse.

Staff Devotions
This week we were blessed to have with us, Pastor Gary Koo, St Paul’s Anglican Carlingford and Pastor Keith Baker, St Paul’s Anglican Castle Hill. It was also a delight to have the Chamber Strings ensemble from OneMaker Academy share their musical gifts with us and Miss Jaimie Mann, Middle School share with us.

New Hope School
We are making continuing progress towards the building program for this School with much work and input from staff as well as architects and various speciality consultants.

Year Group meetings
As always I am delighted to meet with Year groups and this week I had the privilege of sharing with Year 7.

Students working in Before and After School Care and Cleaning
I continue to be thankful for the quality of our students who seek to be employed in these activities. As mentioned previously, many of them do this work to support their sense of responsibility to the School where they serve.

Interviews for Captains
This week I had the privilege of meeting with eleven students who have put their names forward and have been chosen for an interview for roles of Captain and Vice Captain for the next twelve months. The announcement of these appointments will be made at the final assembly on Friday 27 September.

Visit to Middleton Grange School
On Thursday 12 September I had the privilege of visiting Middleton Grange School in Christchurch, New Zealand. Middleton Grange School is one of our sister schools and I was there to meet with the new Principal of the school and also to farewell Mr Andy van Ameyde who has been involved in governance and management of the school for close to forty years and has made a massive contribution to both Middleton Grange and many other Christian schools in New Zealand.

Middle School Fathers’ Evening
We were delighted on the evening of Wednesday 11 September to have a large contingent of fathers of Middle School children gather at the School for this special event.

Teaching from a Christian Perspective
Many of our teachers are currently studying this course, Teaching from a Christian Perspective from Morling Education. This course enables our staff to develop a richer and stronger understanding to Christian Education. As I have read the assignments of our teachers both here and the Regional Schools I have been delighted with the quality of presentation and the depth of understanding of Christian Education.

The Excellence Centre
The Excellence Centre continues to provide support, encouragement and training for many in our School and our Regional Schools as well as to a number of schools beyond the Pacific Group of Schools.

OneMaker Academy
OneMaker Academy has received a high level of success in a number of eisteddfods and is a great boost to our School culture, particularly in the areas of singing, music and dance.

Regional Leaders’ Gathering
Dr Tina Lamont led this event on 9 and 10 September at Muswellbrook. The gathering was enhanced by the presentation by Mr Brian Cox.

Community Fellowship Day
On 10 September Mr Bil Ghali organised a community fellowship day for a number of School parents who met together for fellowship and learning together. We are very thankful for these opportunities and encourage many more School families to attend.

Futures Forum
This event on Friday 13 September was a wonderful set of presentations by McCrindle Research and others, as we were able to come to a developed approach to ministry to which God has called us as a Christian School community. McCrindle Research particularly taught us of the prevailing current in political and social terms and our Christian response to these challenges.

Outback Mission interviews
Again this past week I have had the privilege of meeting with a large group of students who are interested in serving in the Outback Mission in April 2020. Again I was reminded of the wonderful quality of students and their commitment to serve others.

Mr Robert Morris, Open Doors
We are very thankful for the upcoming visit of Mr Robert Morris, Regional Development Manager, Open Doors who will be visiting with us on Monday 16 September.

Finance Committee meeting
Our Finance Committee meeting will take place on Tuesday 17 September, prior to the Board meeting of our Schools.

Pacific Brook Christian School
During this week we have enjoyed the hosting by Pacific Brook Christian School of the Regional Leaders of our Regional Schools. On Friday 6 September the Board meeting was a time of encouragement of the current ministry of the School and a strategic time to consider the future growth of the School including new property and new buildings.

Valley Hope School
Please pray for Mr Nathan Murray as he prepares to take on the responsibilities as Director of this School. We are enjoying seeing the School continuing to grow and we thank God for the opportunity to show God’s grace because we have received it from Him.

Pacific Valley Christian School
This School continues to grow and the staff continue to mature and provide a high level of commitment to Christian Education.

Pacific Hope School
The School population has continued to grow this year with the enrolments being currently 56 students. Please pray for the staff team there.

Pacific Coast Christian School
Please pray for the leadership as they seek to develop the School involvement program further and as they engage in mission trips as well as the everyday life of the School.

Dr E J Boyce