Middle School - Term 2, Week 7, 2019

Year 6 Camp next week
Year 6 Camp starts next Wednesday. Parents are asked to bring their children to the Bus Bay at 6:45am. This is always a great camp at Canberra. We learn a lot about how blessed we are living in Australia at this time. We reflect on the people of the past with their mistakes and blessings while all the time remembering God is with us. We return to school at 4:45pm on Friday.

Moving toward History Week
History Week is one of the most enjoyable learning experiences of the school year. In week 10 of this term we spend time to create opportunities for students to “experience” the past. History Week finishes with the awesome car box rally on the last day of the term. Students will be creating their own vehicles from different times of History in the days preceding this special event before racing them in the afternoon.

How children use devices
Children need help with how they use devices – phones and tablets. Our language in the Middle School regarding iPads is that “parents are in charge of iPads”. There is no reason for students to have any games or apps on their devices that doesn’t comply with what parents want.

Also, take opportunities to discuss with your children the practical steps you take; things like – turn off Airdrop, don’t be “friends” with people you don’t spend time with (more than “people you know”), give yourself time limits with use, etc.

Simply, “be with your children” however they use their device and the connections it brings with other people. It is important for parents to know how children connect and although a parent may have the same app (for example) as a child, it doesn’t mean that children use the app in the same way as adults.

Dr Melissa Razey
Assistant Head of Middle School

Dates for Your Diary
19 -21 June (Week 8) Year 6 Camp
1 – 5 July (Week 10) History Week
5 July Last Day Term 2
29 July First Day Term 3
5 - 9 August (Week 2) Year 8 Camp