Celebrating after Exams
MS art 3 Congratulations to our Year 7 and 8 students for their application and hard work over the past week. Today Year 7 enjoyed finishing their exams with a cold ice block and some downtime. Now that exams are over there is real value in guiding your children through a time of reflection and toward positive habits at times of assessment. Communication in this is important. Here is a possible sequence that may assist your children:

  1. Celebrate with them – it doesn’t need to be big or expensive, but it should recognise their commitment (coming from your expectations). This will also teach them that there are seasons in life.
  2. Ask a few questions of your children (before they have their results) about if they prepared, how they prepared, the sequence of answering questions in the exam, how they felt after each exam and what they would do differently in the future. These questions should be repeated when the students have received their exam papers.
  3. Later, go through the exam papers together (they will come home later in the term) discussing the length of written answers and causes of error. Encourage them to pinpoint areas and topics that they can improve in for the future.

All of this is about effective study habits as well as healthy emotional habits as part of preparing for future exams. Steadily developing these habits is important.

Middle School 2021 Orientation
Plans are being finalised for Year 6 into 7 (16 Nov) and Year 4 into 5 (17 Nov) transition days. More information will be shared with relevant families soon.

Celebrating Middle School
Creativity of expression is evident in all of our school subjects and this was showcased recently when our Year 8 students were asked to complete a creative worship assignment. A number of the submissions we exemplary.

MS art 2MS art 2

Mr Gavin Neale
Head of Middle School

Dates for your Diary
3 November Year 5 STEM Challenge
10 November Year 6 STEM Challenge
10 November Year 5 Visual Arts Excursion
12 November Year 6 Robo Kids
13 November Year 5 Robo Kids
24 November Year 5 Genius Hour
27 November Year 6 Maths Activity
30 Nov – 3 Dec MS ROCK Awards Celebrations
30 November Year 8 Activity
2 December MS Certificate Assembly
3 December Final day Term 4
3 December Presentation Night (tbc)