Junior School - Term 1, Week 6, 2019

Discipline in the Junior School
When a student behaves in a manner that has a negative impact on others, teachers need to guide and direct that student towards more appropriate choices. Children can ‘do the wrong thing’ for a wide range of reasons. These can range from wilful disobedience at one end through to a genuine lack of understanding and social skills. Developmentally, Junior School children are in the early stages of social development so it is expected they will have interactions that can be unpleasant. Making a distinction between intent and social capacity requires teachers to be careful in their investigation and understanding of behavioural situations. In following up, there needs to be correction, redirecting, teaching and restoration of any relationships that have been damaged by the behaviours. This process of correction, directing and teaching is known as discipline. Discipline is an essential component of schooling and our teachers understand and enact discipline strategies in a manner that is loving, fair and in the best interests of the school community.

If your child has required significant discipline from the teacher, we believe it is important for you to know. Therefore, the teacher will communicate this with you. A Communication Note is an email outlining the matter and the outcome of any investigations and discipline required. We ask that parents respond to acknowledge the communication, or to seek further information. At other times, teachers may contact parents directly to discuss the situation in person. Parents are contacted because we believe it is important for you to know.

Whilst this is not pleasant for parents to hear these things, it is our aim to be open in communication and to present information to parents without a tone of judgement or dislike for a student. At all times our aim is to partner with you in educating your child. The support we receive from parents in these matters is always appreciated and I see this as a strength in the Junior School. The old saying rings true, “It takes a village to raise a child”. I can testify to the growth we have observed in many children over the years through genuine partnerships with parents. Sometimes it is not easy, but every effort is worth the time and energy because it helps children to grow and learn.

Parent Teacher Interviews, Monday 25 – Friday 29 March
Bookings are via Parent Teacher Online (PTO) and will open at 4pm on Wednesday 13 March and close at 1pm Friday 22 March. Please be aware you will not be able to access PTO outside of these times to retrieve passwords or make bookings. Interviews are for 15 minutes in duration and are for a general ‘catch up’. If you need more time to discuss specific matters, please discuss with your child’s teacher to arrange another meeting outside of the interview week.

Year 12 Students
The Year 12 students visit Junior School each fortnight, with each class adopting a small group of senior students. This is an important part of keeping our school united as one school and allows the younger children to have some positive role models.

Many of our Junior School students are involved in the musical and are working hard to learn their lines and routines.

Registrar’s High Tea, Wednesday 20 March.
If you are aware of families interested in Prep or Kindergarten enrolments, feel free to direct them to contact the school to attend our High Tea. This is a time of information for parents to learn about the school as they make decisions around schooling for their child.

Empowering Women Coffee Morning, Wednesday 20 March
Mums are welcome to attend the coffee morning with Mrs Waterhouse, 9-10am in the Junior School staffroom.

Mr Scott Cousins
Head of Junior School

Dates for your Diary
11 March State Swimming Carnival
15 March JS Assembly
25-29 March Parent Teacher Interviews
28 March JS Assembly
9 April Fun Run
12 April Whole School Assembly
12 April Last day of term