Junior School - Term 4, Week 6, 2018

Christmas Assembly, Friday 7 December, 9:15am
The Christmas Assembly is an exciting opportunity for the students to perform on the stage and present to parents a Christmas message. We hope you will be able to join us in the MPC. There will be information coming from teachers regarding coloured t-shirts and tinsel for each grade. All children are involved in this event.

Christmas Carols, Monday 10 December, from 5:00pm
Junior School students are all involved in two items at the carols event. We hope you can come along and be part of the fun of the evening as we celebrate together. The carols will be held on the school oval but in the event it is raining, they will be held in the MPC. If you are able to assist in setting up or helping on a food stall, feel free to contact the Junior School office and we will put you in contact with Mrs Anna Crawford.

Weather and Dust Storms
The unusual weather this week has resulted in a number of times where students have been kept indoors during playtimes. Where there are high winds and the air quality is poor, we will make decisions to keep students indoors as a precaution.
If your child is effected by the high levels of dust that are predicted at this time, please ensure you also take precautions which may include ensuring asthma management plans are in place and well communicated to the school.

Class Party Day, Wednesday 12 December
The class party day is a tradition in the Junior School and a time of celebration. Parents will be notified by the class teacher of the specific details of this day and how you can be part of the activities.

Mr Scott Cousins
Head of Junior School

Dates for your Diary
26 November OMA Dance Rehearsal
26 November CSSA State Basketball
29 November JS Christmas Puppet Show
5 December Year 4 Graduation and Fun Day
7 December Christmas Assembly in MPC
10 December Christmas Carols Evening
11 December JS Certificate Assembly
12 December Party and Fun Day
13 December Presentation Night