Junior School - Term 4, Week 5, 2018

Orientation Day - Casual Clothes, Monday 19 November.
This Monday we welcome many new students for the day. All students will wear casual clothing to help our new children feel welcomed. Hats and appropriate, covered shoes are required.

Mr Duncan Clark and Miss Eleanor Campey will be joining the Junior School next year in a full time capacity.

Please check the dates below to ensure you are aware of specific events to Junior School.

Mr Scott Cousins
Head of Junior School

Dates for your Diary
19 Nov Year 4 going into Year 5 Orientation Day in MS
21 Nov Volunteer Morning Tea
22 Nov Sports Award Assembly
26 Nov OMA Dance Rehearsal
26 Nov CSSA State Basketball
5 Dec Year 4 Graduation and Fun Day
7 Dec Christmas Assembly in MPC
11 Dec JS Certificate Assembly
12 Dec Party and Fun Day
13 Dec Presentation Night