Year 4 Graduation
Thank you to the parents and staff for coming together to celebrate with the Year 4 students this week. It was so nice to see the children enjoying the occasion with a formal assembly and then fun activities for the rest of the day.

End of Year Events
As we are now moving through the second half of Term 4, the amount of events and activities will increase. Please check with Parents Page for the dates and times of these activities. Emails are also sent regarding specific information. If you are unsure, contact the Junior School Office.

Class Parties, Tuesday 3 December, 1:00pm
All class parties will be held after the Certificate Assembly at 1:00pm. Please refer to correspondence from class teachers about specific details for your child.

Miss Rebecca Robins
Miss Robins will be away for the remainder of the school year to undergo back surgery. She has experienced pain regularly and we pray that this opportunity will bring healing to her back pain. Miss Robins is well loved and we wish her a very quick recovery and look forward to her return next year.

Mr Jono Miller
It was great to welcome Mr Miller back to the school this week for a few days of casual teaching. He has returned to Australia after over three years overseas on mission with his wife and children and will be working in a Christian school on the north coast next year.

Staffing for 2020
With a new class being formed in 2020, we are currently interviewing for a new staff member to join the Junior School team next year. We have outstanding applicants that are being interviewed over the next week and we look forward to giving details of the new teacher to join us for next year. Please pray for wisdom and guidance as these decisions are made. This new class completes the process of moving from having 3 classes per grade to having 4 classes per grade. We are grateful to God for his continued blessing on the school community.

Dates for your Diary
26 Nov Kindergarten Orientation
29 Nov Christmas Assembly in MPC
2 Dec Christmas Carols Evening
3 Dec Certificate Assembly 11:15am
3 Dec Class Parties
5 Dec Presentation Night 5:15pm