Term 4, Week 4, 2019 - Devotion

We are all hitting that incredibly busy time of the year, ready to celebrate with family & friends, yet at the same time, we are too exhausted to celebrate. I love the fact that we focus on others and Christ as we celebrate His birth. Yet being so exhausted, we need to remember we are allowed to focus on us too. God thinks you are special and He celebrates you all the time. He is ready and willing to help you anytime you need Him to help.

But, no matter how tired we feel, think, what is your attitude towards yourself? Are you worth this celebration by God? God does not sit their mourning our mistakes. He is not disappointed that you are not all He hoped you would be. He sings over you and if you are too tired to celebrate with him remember the He is wanting to help revitalise us, any time of the year.

Mr Matt Richmond
Year 9 Advisor