Term 3, Week 8, 2019 - Devotion

A book I read years ago titled Blue Like Jazz by Donald Millar, opens with the author stating “I once listened to an Indian on television say that God was in the wind and the water, and I wondered at how beautiful that was because it meant you could swim in Him or have Him brush your face in a breeze.”

In my role as a PDHPE teacher, I often have the privilege of teaching outside and spending time outdoors on camps or Duke of Edinburgh programs. People hear or sense God in different ways. Being outside and in nature is one way that I connect with God. This quote has always reminded me of God’s presence in His creation and that sometimes just simply being outside and taking in the beauty of the world God has created is a way that we can connect with Him. In Psalm 8:3, David marvels at the fact that the God who created Earth, Heaven and everything in between, chooses to notice, and know us. When I look around at the intricacies of creation and the vastness of it, I am in awe of all God has created and that He chooses to use each element as a way of expressing His deep love for us.

Miss Alyssa Smith
Faculty Head PDHPE