Term 3, Week 7, 2019 - Devotion

In every relationship be swift to choose peace over competition, and run swiftly toward holiness, for those who are not holy will not see the Lord. [Hebrews 12:14] TPT

Living in today’s society we all strive to be our best - the best at our jobs, meeting each deadline, the best with our family. At times this can make us very goal focused, rather than people focused and can hinder our relationships. We may not take as much notice of the friend in need, or check our tone or choice of words before we speak.

This verse reminds me that in everything - relationships of peace, and building unity in the Kingdom of God, is of utmost importance. This verse reminds me that this is what we race towards, peace and the love of God.

Mr Ben Yabsley-Bell
Faculty Head Creative Arts