Term 2, Week 7, 2019 - Devotion

In life, God is seeking to get our attention. Our stubbornness requires dramatic and sometimes frightening life changes that affect our future. If we accept God’s wisdom, our destiny can be significantly affected.

Have you ever asked God what He wants you to live for? Ask yourself are you living for the wrong things? Are you focused on a right relationship with Him? Are you open to change?

In Acts 9, we see the dramatic conversion of Saul to Paul, known for putting Christians in gaol for simply believing in Jesus. Saul persecuted Christians and believed he was doing the right thing. Roman society told Saul that what he did was correct. It’s now clear to us that Saul completely missed the point of what Jesus was doing for the world.

After Paul’s conversion, it meant putting his whole lot in or nothing. Because of his faith in Jesus, Paul was beaten, chained and thrown in gaol. Our lives as Christians are by no means problem free. Why not consider having Jesus with you through all the problems life throws at you? We don’t need to live alone. In Jesus we can have the correct relationship with God and He alone can change us to live a life truly worth living.

Mr Tim Childs
HSIE Faculty Head