Term 2, Week 6, 2019 - Devotion

Am I enough?
Do you ever struggle with feelings that you just aren’t good enough, that you just can’t get done all the things that you need to get done in a day, that everyone else seems really together and you feel just a bit chaotic? Are you ever intimidated by the size of a task? Social media can often make you feel like everyone has a better life, a happier family, are more spiritual …

One thing God has been impressing on me recently is the importance of being faithful. I need to “Bring what I can to the table” and He will do the rest. When I choose to focus on my inadequacy or on the tasks that are before me, or the challenges that I have, I take my eyes off the One who can really change things.

I’m not called to be a superhero. God will not ask me how much I was like Moses or David. He will not ask me whether I was like Mother Theresa or Wonder Woman.

He wants my heart and my obedience. He just wants me to walk faithfully in all He has called me to do and He will do the rest. How freeing it is to open my hands, surrender all I don’t have and all I am not, and give Him all I do have and all I am. The ordinary can truly miraculous in God’s hands. I need to remember that!

Mrs Nunn
Dean of Curriculum