“The world never stops. But we need to. And, as Christians, we can.

Welcome to the art of rest.” Adam Mabry - The Art of Rest (2018)

Reading this on the back cover, the author had my immediate attention. Over many years many people of faith I know, myself included at times, have compromised the essential art of rest, and have given over to the idea that to be of use to God means that our calendar is full, and that ‘busy is better’. We can then be caught in the cycle of ‘busy as an excuse’ for the essential things we do not get to – time in prayer and scripture, reading with our children, scheduling family fun, and the list goes on. Some of us carry our busyness around like a trophy – a measure of our importance to the world.

“Working ceaselessly means you never have the chance to think deeply.” (p100)

Let us step back and consider what is important to God - our relationship with Him and others, our intentional ministry at home, work, church and community, and those things that bring us joy. Rest affords us the time to reflect on these and make decisions that align with our purpose.

Mrs Geraldine Paynter
Assistant Director of TEC