Reconciliation is the place where Truth, Mercy, Justice and Peace come together. Too often when we experience conflict we see these social energies as conflicting forces. Those who cry out for Truth and Justice are often taken as adversaries of those who plead for Mercy and Peace. When we hear these 4 voices as contradictory, we are often forced into a false position of choosing one over the other.

The writer of Psalm 85 recognises that reconciliation is only made possible when Truth, Mercy, Justice and Peace work together. This Psalm shows that conflict has revelatory and reconciling potential when the four different energies are embraced. We need to recognise all their concerns are proper, provide them with voices, respond to their fears and needs, and place them in an open and dialogical setting. When we deal with conflict in this way God can work His gift of reconciliation.

Each one of us can play our part to create a social space that brings Truth, Mercy, Justice and Peace together to address and resolve conflict. (Taken from “The Meeting Place” by J.P Lederach)

Many Blessings,
Mrs Jenni Liney
School Counsellor