From the Assistant Principal - Term 2, Week 9, 2019

Parking on Quarry Road
In recent weeks, we have received a handful of complaints from local residents about inconsiderate and illegal parking. Again, I remind you, to park according to regulations. The following link will assist you with parking regulations -

Academic Reports
Semester One Reports are being completed at present to inform you of your child’s progress. Please pray for staff as they keep up with the demands of a busy school. I commend each one of them to you and thank them for their work over this semester. As always, should you have any concern with your child’s learning please speak with your child’s teacher.

History Week
Next week is History Week! It’s great to see the excitement as History comes ‘alive’ in the school as Year 9 enjoy getting into the 1920s, Year 8 visit the Medieval period, Year 7 explore Ancient Egypt while Year 5 are transported to colonial times. Parents are welcome to visit the OLRC to view the History Display.

Mr Andrew Waters
Assistant Principal