I trust families enjoyed a restful and safe holiday and students are enthused and ready for the term ahead. A special welcome to our new students. I hope you will settle in quickly and enjoy making new friends.

There is always a great deal happening throughout the School in Term 4. Please be sure to regularly check the school calendar on Edumate or the website for events involving your children. Presentation Night is the final school event for the year and where we recognise the outstanding achievements of students across the School. Presentation Night will be held on Thursday 5 December and will commence at 5.30pm, earlier than in past years.

End of Year events include:
27 November Year 4 Graduation Assembly
27 November Year 8 Graduation Dinner
2 December Senior School Certificate Assembly
3 December Junior School Certificate Assembly
4 December Middle School Certificate Assembly
5 December Presentation Night, 5.30pm

Higher School Certificate Examinations
The Higher School Certificate Examinations commenced on Thursday. Please pray for our Year 12 and Year 11 Augustine students as they sit their examinations over the next four weeks. The students value your prayer and thank you for supporting them in this way.

Volunteers Morning Tea
We greatly appreciate the assistance of all our volunteers who help out in a variety of ways throughout the School. If you have helped out during the year we hope you will be able to join us for a special Morning Tea in the foyer of the Performing Arts Centre on Wednesday 6 November at 10.30am.

Mr Andrew Waters
Assistant Principal