Swimming Carnivals
The rain did little to dampen enthusiasm as students competed in their Swimming Carnivals this week. The House rivalry was fierce, and the cheers loud as students participated with great enjoyment. Thank you to the parents who attended and supported all our students. Thank you also to the PDHPE Faculty for their organisation of three fantastic carnivals.

Kiss and Drop Zone
Please abide by the instruction of staff when collecting your children. When the Kiss and Drop queue of cars reaches the front gate, cars will be diverted through the two storey carpark as outlined in our Traffic Management Plan.

To avoid the afternoon peak traffic period and avoid sitting in a queue, I encourage parents who need to collect their children to delay pick up for 10-15 minutes. Middle & Senior School students do not finish class until 3:03pm and it takes them a little while to collect their bag and walk to the Kiss and Drop area.

Students must not get out of/into the car until you have reached the Kiss and Drop Zone outside the Administration building. Stopping to allow students to alight or get into the car near the Performing Arts Centre (PAC) disrupts the flow of traffic and creates a dangerous situation as cars move in and out of lanes. Students are not supervised by staff in this area.

School Opal Cards
I encourage all students who are eligible to hold a School Opal Card to apply for a card and use the free transport system available. This will also help to alleviate congestion on the roads as well as pick up time in the school.

Please remind your child when using their opal card that they must tap on and off for every journey, which is a condition of using an Opal card. Data gathered by tapping on and off is used to determine demand for bus services. If students do not ‘Tap on’ and ‘Tap off’, services may be cancelled or reduced due to the lack of recorded patronage. For information or to apply for the School Opal Card, visit www.opal.com.au/en/about-opal/opal-for-school-students/

Student Attendance
Government regulations require all students to attend school each day except in the case of illness. If your child is absent from school, please notify your child’s school office on the day of the absence. Verbal advice must be followed up with a written explanation from you.

Students who are late to school must report to their school office to sign in and should bring a note of explanation from their parent.

Students who need to leave school early should provide a written note from their parent to their school office in the morning. Students in Years 5-12 will be given an Early Leaver’s Pass which should be presented to authorities if questioned.

Parents are required to provide a written explanation of your child’s absence from school within seven (7) days. This can be done by email, text, a written note when your child returns to school or by your entry in Edumate, the school’s database system. Should written advice not be received, the absence will be recorded as unexplained on school reports.

Family holidays are expected to be taken during the 13 weeks of school holiday time throughout the year. Removing students during term time can disrupt their learning and place unnecessary stress on students trying to catch up on missed work. If your child needs to be absent from school for a period of more than five (5) school days, government regulations require that you apply to the Principal for Extended Leave. For more information please enquire at your school office.

Mr Andrew Waters
Assistant Principal