Ramping Up Student Access

ramp to ovalSpecial thanks to the Australian Government for funding of $10,000 which has gone towards the construction of our disability ramp, which extends from the Junior School space down to the Main Oval.

The funding was announced to the School by the Member for Berowra, Julian Leeser MP, and it came from the Local Schools Community Fund administered by the Australian Government Department of Education.

The ramp is good news for those students with a disability and who use a wheelchair as it provides them with safe and direct access to the sports field. It also means able bodied Junior School students don’t have to use stairs when they move about the School.

The ramp is also a real asset for staff and visitors. It is now easier for teachers and PDHPE personnel to take their classes or sports equipment from one location to another. Plus, the ramp is very appreciated by parents with prams and young children, and grandparents, who come to the School to watch family members participate in sporting events, or for the annual Christmas Carols and School Fair which are held there.