Your Passion Is A Form of Worship

2019 11 15 yr6 stem day web 03Have you considered that the things you like to do most are a form of worship to God? This teaching came from our special guest speaker, Adam Leung, who attended the Year 6 STEM Day.

Why was Adam there? The STEM Day was about making and racing miniature cars, and Adam is a former motor racing champion.

More than that, he is a Christian who used his motor sport involvement to spread the name of Jesus and be a witness for Him.

Adam’s story went something like this. He liked the idea of driving fast and decided to do go karting, and he bought a racing kart for himself. Whilst studying at uni’ he needed an income and because he worked on weekends he had to lay down his dream for a while. His father liked racing and the two of them competed together in the Dutton Rally – a tarmac race.

Adam discovered the open wheeler category, Formula Ford. (this is an entry level to Formula One) He found that he was quite talented at driving, and an opportunity came to drive a person’s Porsche GT3 at the Philip Island circuit in Victoria. It was a $300,000 car! He took very good care of it!

Over the next three years Adam prayed about whether he should devote all of his finances to motor racing. He came to the conclusion that God had placed the love for driving on his heart, so he would dedicate himself to the dream. He purchased a Formula Ford racing car and in his first event he came third. Success followed success and at the end of the 2009 season he was named Rookie Of The Year. He won his class and finished second in the entire championship.

Adam talked about the highs and lows of pursuing your dreams. His story began with an expensive low. At his first practice session in the Formula Ford he blew up his engine and before he had even raced a single competitive lap he was having to spend about $7,000 on repairs. The 2010 season was good for Adam and he became the Australian Formula Ford Champion. He said he used those podium results to give God the glory.

Since then, Adam has been helping owners of supercars to drive their cars better. He spends his time around McLarens, Porsches, Lamborghinis and Ferraris.