Geoff and Sue Walker ‘Impact the Nations’ with clean water

impact nations water thumb 02Did you know Seven Hundred & Eighty Million of the world’s population do not have access to clean drinking water? With a background in conveyancing, Geoff Walker never thought he would be helping to install water filtration systems in developing countries, but it was his wife Sue that inspired him.

The Walkers are working to combat the huge issue of very poor drinking water through their work with Impact Nations Australia. This is a huge issue in developing nations as much of it is un-clean and full of diseases such as botulism, cholera, salmonella and typhoid. It not only has a severe impact on student’s health but also on their school attendance.

The couple are former parents of Pacific Hills and have continued to bless the school through visiting classes and staff devotions and raising awareness of the dire water situation. They’ve also shown the power one single device can have on a whole nations health. The school is proud to partner with Geoff and Sue who are putting Gods love into action all over the world.

In 2009, Sue decided to go on a journey to the Philippines and to Haiti in the following year. She was then asked to be their Prayer Coordinator for their ministry. Now she and Geoff manage the Australian wing of Impact Nations, the head company which is based in the US. 

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Through their various projects, they aim to provide long-term sustainability for individuals and communities in developing nations, through an association with the local Pastors.

Geoff joined the team when they started doing their ‘Clean Water’ projects in 2009 that aim to train local people up to continue the work that Geoff and his team start.

Between 2016 and 2018, Geoff visited Uganda, Tanzania and the Philippines and saw the plight of these struggling communities first hand and that he could make a difference with clean water.

Geoff remembers the first school they ever went to install water filters into schools.

“The first school we went into had 2,000 kids and we put in six filters and then sat down with the local pastors. We said we should be able to do more with in the schools”.

Eastern Samar in the Philippines has been targeted as an area to provide clean water to. An approximated 550 schools on this island have very poor drinking water and an estimated 15% of a family’s wages are spent on bottled water at the shops. This means that families aren’t able to feed their kids properly or buy them adequate clothing.

Geoff explains, “When we visited the Philippines earlier this year, one school told us they had to stop buying water because they ran out of money and another school didn’t even have a water source. Sadly, this is an all too common problem and many children even bring dirty water from home to drink at school”.

Southeast Asian countries are also prone to natural disasters and typhoons which can, in turn compromise water sources. The water filtration system allows water to be taken directly out of the river, ponds, creeks, off the road, put through the filter and made safe for human consumption. It also means families save valuable coin.

The water filtration systems which cost roughly $65, are at no expense to the schools. They produce a litre of water a minute which equates to 2.8 million litres over its lifespan of 20 years!

Success stories have already emerged from the nifty filtration devices which are having a dramatic impact on the health of communities.

During a ‘Journey of Compassion’, a water filter was installed in a school in Uganda. The team returned a year later and saw that attendance rates at school had risen by 70%. It had been common for the school to have one child in hospital every week with some kind of dysentery or diarrhea outbreak.

Since having the water filter installed at school, not one child had been in hospital and the local hospital even rang to find out where the kids had been and if they were being taken somewhere else! The water systems have also helped kids put on weight and increase their quality of life.

Geoff is pretty surprised by the way God took him and placed him in an area that he not only enjoys working in but is far out of his comfort zone.

“I felt a calling on my heart from God to go there and I’m not the impulsive sort of person like Sue is. I remember talking to her saying I might want to do that and she’d smile and say ‘okay we’re going to do it!”

Sue goes on three Journeys of Compassion trips a year with Impact Nations. She explains how her attitude to travel has changed.

“Before my work with Impact Nations, I was never keen on going to a developing nation. I like to travel to nice places that are clean and safe and I find myself in amongst the poorest people in the world and I absolutely love it. That surprised me how much I want to be there to go and help these people”.

Since starting implementing the water filtration systems in October last year, already 327 schools have been impacted, most with 90 to 120 students. Geoff and the team have also been into families’ homes and installed the filters which can then be shared with five other families. That’s 50-60 people who no longer need to buy clean drinking water!

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“What does the Lord require of you? To act justly, and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God” - Micah 6:8

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