God Gave us Science

2019 08 30 cancer mutationJaqueline Lim is a Science teacher at Pacific Hills and during Science Week she explained how the study of science allows us to understand the workings of God’s world. She also had a personal example of how scientific technology has helped her family.

“Human beings are in an extremely privileged position. We were created to reflect the image of God. We are creative, resourceful, able to think and can understand the world that God has created for us. As we discover and understand more we should be in awe of our mighty God who has created all things and allows us to understand it.

She said we are able to use our knowledge of Science for the benefit of mankind.

“With the progress of scientific knowledge, God has allowed us glimpses into the workings of His hand. Even with what has already been discovered we in our human finiteness can only understand part of this puzzle.”

Earlier this year Jaqueline’s husband was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. His biopsy tested positive for a genetic mutation of the EGFR (Epithelium Growth Factor Receptor) protein. We all have this protein on the surface of our cells. In her husband’s body a mutation of the EGFR gene caused an overproduction of the protein receptor on the cancer cells. More receptors meant more cell growth which led to the cancer cells spreading.

Cancer research has led to the development of special drugs which inhibit the chain of reactions which cause cells to multiply. Jaqueline’s husband started taking a drug called Tarceva and now his condition is stable.

“The transformation has been an incredible experience for us. To see in him go from constant and sometimes excruciating pain and losing most of his strength to almost having no pain, gaining weight and returning to normal activities and exercise has been no less miraculous. In fact, this drug has been described in the medical community to have a ‘Lazarus’ effect.”

She said that God has allowed mankind to understand the workings of the blueprint of life…an amazing part of His Creation…and intervene to allow healing.

Revelation 4:11 says ‘You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honour and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being.’

“Science is one way that God has allowed us to progress as human beings and reflect His glory. The proper response for us is to recognise God in His greatness, honour him with our scientific understanding and the work of our hands, and acknowledge Him with how we live our lives.”