Future Film makers

2019 07 31 yr5 film screening 12The movie making world of Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson arrived at Pacific Hills at the end of Term 2. A group of Year 5 students enjoyed an amazing film making experience run by StarTime Studios who bring the creative process to schools Australia wide.

The students practiced by filming their friends but they soon found out this was only the beginning of their journey. Their project was to interview six residents at the Wesley Tebutt Nursing Home in Dundas. In pairs, students sat down with residents and heard about their life journeys. Things got serious when students found out their interviews would be screened at Reading Cinemas at Rhodes Waterside Shopping Centre!

During the process, students learnt techniques like overlaying, effective interviewing techniques, how to use a camera, the boom microphone and software such as iMovie. After editing their works over the course of a month, the big day arrived when students and their parents went to the big screen to see their interviews! There was even a red carpet to walk down and residents and their interviewees had their photos taken. It was just like a film awards ceremony and Oscars were given out to residents with outstanding talent!

Here are some takeaways the students had from their film making experience:

“It was fun and we learnt new tips like don’t put in too much head space. It was challenging to keep all the tips together in one video. It was fun and made me feel excited to get the permission note every time”.
Audrey Chu

“First up on the first day, we had a lesson on how to interview. The most challenging part was planning. The experience was a good idea and had an impact on how I ask different questions and the most effective questions to ask in interviews.
I interviewed Samir with Luke and Colline with Lynette. The main challenges was thinking of things to ask them. I think this experience will stay with me always because it was so fun and was watched by so many people”.
Xander Keller

“This excursion taught me a lot about filming and interviewing, let me here about elderly people’s life and childhoods and was a great experience. I definitely think you should do this excursion again”.
Rebecca Michie 

“One of the interviewed people was from Iraq and he told us to be cool always. It was very interesting to know he was in a dangerous place and believed in Jesus. The other interview was a man called Robert from England and his father who was getting into a fight then his grandfather told him to immigrate to Australia. He migrated by plane. These stories have changed the way I think about elderly people. I would like to say a big thank you to all the people involved in this tell your story film”.
Luke Woods

“The excursion was a wonderful to talk to our elderly friends and hand them little versions of Oscar Awards. I hope to have another experience in Year 6. I loved that our parents could come and watch our experience on the Big screen”.
Joshua Suriaputra

“When we interviewed the elderly in pairs, we asked them interesting questions like where were you born and when and how did you come to Australia. I really enjoyed learning about them and their stories. I’m really glad I got to go and have this incredible experience”.
Gia Heptonstall

“We took a picture in the red carpet and in front of a wall that made us look famous. I think it was a very good and educational experience and recommend to have this in the future.
The challenge of interviewing the elderly was awesome and it was a bit of a challenge because I was a bit nervous when we interviewed them but towards the middle I got engrossed in what they had to say."
Dylan Tanuhardja


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