“VOTE 1” at Pacific Hills

2019 06 13 yr6 election web 02Pink lemonade in the bubblers and trampolines in the classrooms were two of the promises made by candidates in this year’s Year 6 Federation Democracy election day. Other “vote for me” promises included introducing M&M Monday and Taco Tuesday, having more multi-cultural food in the canteen, free hot drinks, an Olympic sized swimming pool and more free time to play.

Year 6 has been learning about the three tiers of government and four candidates - Catherine Field, Beverley Hills, Glen Wood and Stan More - campaigned to become our next Prime Minister. They had posters up on the windows, handed out how to vote flyers, and presented election speeches to the combined classes.

Mr Lees, who volunteers as a scrutineer at elections, explained to the students about the process of voting before they went to the “election officials” to have their names checked on the “electoral roll”, took their green “Lower House voting form” to the voting booths and placed their votes in the ballot box. Then, they watched as the “tally room” counted the votes.

Here’s what the students took away from the day:

“The election was a wonderful opportunity to experience voting at a young age”.
Elise Wong

“My favourite thing about the election was all the excitement and buzz with the four candidates shouting out their promises and urging us to trust them”.
Jaden Chan

“Our school election had four candidates. We listened carefully to each candidate as they explained what they would do if they won. We then had time to vote before we counted the votes. Glen Wood was the winning candidate”.
Kevin Xiong

“The election was a great success and provided amazing learning experiences. I really enjoyed it”.
Angela Xu

“The election was a marvellous experience and taught us much more than we had previously known”.
Soufia Dibo

“I was able to experience an election for the first time. It was so fun and exciting, listening to the candidates give their speeches and then getting to vote”.
Janine Lee

“I enjoyed that as each candidate was eliminated a different person could be in the lead. When we filled out our votes we went into a secret booth and then put our votes into a ballot box which was secure”.
Savannah Nisbet

“At the election I liked how the candidates’ teams handed out free lollies and also the lunchtime ‘democracy sausages’”
Phoebe Cheung

“The election was very realistic and fun. It imitated an actual election and because of it, I learned more about how an election works”.
Joel Park

“I liked holding the vote for the election of the Member for Yersox. It was also fun to be working on the barbecue handing out the ‘democracy sausages’”
Jemima Hellstrom

“I liked that we could campaign and explain why people should vote for my candidate”.
Lachlan Forsyth

“I couldn’t believe that Beverley Hills almost caught up to Glen Wood on seconds and third preferences when Glen Wood had almost 50% of the primary vote”.
Lily Kilmurray

“I enjoyed learning about the counting and tallying process after the voting had finished”.
Cassie Ptolemy

“This was a realistic experience so you will be able to learn and be prepared for when you grow up”.
Zoe Gao

“The election was an amazing experience. As I was one of the candidates, I learned so much about elections and preferential voting. I also learned how to make a political speech and a cool video. In the end, all my hard work paid off and I won the election”.
Thomas Mason

By the Year 6 Team - Mrs Kouts, Mr Elliott, Mrs Singh and Mr Lees.


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