Year 6 Canberra Trip

2019 06 19 year6 camp web 08Each year, as part of our History Unit on Federation and Democracy Year 6 travel to Canberra to learn more about our system of government. We live in a country where we experience

  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom of Movement
  • Freedom of Assembly
  • Freedom of Association
  • Freedom of Religion

During the excursion, Year 6 visited Parliament House, the Australian War Memorial, The Electoral Education Centre and the Museum of Democracy in Old Parliament House. We also visited the National Capital Exhibition Centre, Questacon for a night tour, the Australian Institute of Sport, the National Gallery, cycled around Lake Burley Griffin and viewed Canberra from Mount Ainsley.

It was a most enjoyable and instructive excursion. When asked about what the students enjoyed and learned most from their excursion, the students gave a variety of responses. Here are some of them.

This was a great learning experience. It made my connection stronger with our classmates and friends. We learned so much and every adventure was exciting.
Claire Shin

I had a wonderful time at Canberra. We did many things like bike riding, we went to the War memorial and many other things. But my favourite was Questacon. Questacon is a science museum that is filled with fun things to do. There was a earthquake simulator where we got to experience different levels of earthquakes . There was also a lightning simulator. We all counted down to when it would start and it was really loud . But the best part of Questacon was the slide. What you had to do was get into a jump suit the go to the top then hold onto a bar and let go it was really fun . Canberra was the best camp ever!
Kirsten Grima

Year 6 Camp was fun. I especially enjoyed bike riding around the shores of lake.
Lewis Alchin

In the Australian Institute of Sport there was an arcade type room full of fun things. I loved the “Skeleton Run”.
Abbey Cousins

My favorite part of Canberra Camp was the AIS. It was so much fun and I thought the displays were really interesting.
Jasmine Sako

Canberra was fun. I loved how well the teachers did in organizing the cabins. Cycling around the lake was the best.
Ellie Feng

I really liked Questacon because it was really interactive and the ride around the lake as I enjoy bicycle riding in general. I also appreciated how we bonded through some of the activities and became like a family in a way.
Callum Birchill

I liked Canberra because it has some incredible places and the way it was designed just blows my mind. I loved Questacon because you learn incredible things by experience and in a fun way.
Lily Kilmurray

Going to Old Parliament House was so cool. We saw the House of Representatives and saw the massive and impressive Speaker’s Chair.
Thomas Mason

I loved bike riding at Canberra and the wonderful views around the lake. I learned a lot about Federation and Democracy.
Joel Park

Canberra camp was interesting and adventurous with lots of excitement.
Noah Kim

I loved all the views while I was cycling.
Cassie Ptolemy

I was delighted by the unforgettable experiences I had in Canberra. It is an absolutely marvelous city and one I loved. I would definitely return to see the interesting and exciting history of Canberra.
Hannah Mitchell

Mr Poyitt rapped for us on the camp
Daniel Xia

Canberra was a peaceful and relaxing experience and gave students a much needed rest from normal schoolwork. I really liked the ride around Lake Burley Griffin and the exciting experiences at Questacon.
Joshua Tan

An exciting camp where adventure and knowledge are just waiting to be discovered.
Zoe Gao

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