Art Competition

2019 05 10 art competitionAs part of our forty-year anniversary, we held an inaugural Art Competition. Students and staff were asked to illustrate on the topic ‘What I love about Pacific Hills’. We received a wide cross section of entries from Junior, Middle and Senior School and staff. Predominantly the entries were fine arts, as well as an excellent video entry.

Fine Arts Category
Junior School Joint Winners:
Chelsie Nader - Year 4
Lucy Dawson - Year 1
Other entries:
Amalia Wood
Angel Liu
Hannah Shum

Middle School winner:
Claire Shin - Year 6
Other entries:
Caleb Wood – Year 7 
Esther Lai – Year 6
Hannah Bunby – Year 6
Jasmine Sako – Year 6

Senior School winner:
Jessica Zhang - Year 10
Other entries:
Jenice Kim – Year 10
Sophia Tonson – Year 11

Staff winner:
Julia Tonson

Digital Category:
Middle School winner:
Ben James - Year 5

The winner in the Middle School Fine Arts category, Claire Shin, has featured for the past two years in the Art Gallery of NSW’s Young Archie competition. She has just been announced as a finalist in this year’s competition as well.

We were also very fortunate to have a guest artist feature in our exhibition, new parent to the school Kim Neil. Kim created a piece called Different is Interesting and explained the inspiration behind her artwork comes from her sons. She explains, “As I was doing this artwork, I was thinking about my boys and the obstacles they faced in life. They both have things that make them different than others and at times this has made life difficult for them.

This painting evolved into a statement to them: that what makes them different also makes them interesting. This painting is all the better for that one flower that sticks out. Hopefully, when people see this artwork and they also realise that what makes us different makes us and life all the more interesting.

One of the reasons we then chose Pacific Hills as his High School this year was that we longed for a school to ‘see’ him, to understand him and for him to be accepted there. We found that in Pacific Hills and we will be forever grateful for God opening the door to Pacific Hills when we thought it would be impossible.”

The entries are hanging in the library and we can’t wait for you to see the very talented artists in our school community.

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