Congratulations to the Class of 2018!

year 12 2018This year, 134 Pacific Hills students undertook the Higher School Certificate, including 20 students from the Year 11 Augustine stream who completed a selection of courses as part of the Acceleration Program.

Congratulations to James Young who received the highest ATAR of 98.8 - achieving more than 90% in all of his courses!

He was recognised for his outstanding achievement by being on the Premier’s All Round Achievers list.

“I’m not a particularly stressed person and I was confident in my abilities to do well in the HSC. In no way do I feel like the School pushed me super hard to get a top ATAR”.

Whilst James is waiting to see whether his plans to study Medicine at the University of NSW become a reality, he is also looking to see what God has in store for him. He has been offered a scholarship to study at Sydney University and is considering Engineering as an alternative career path.

To help him get into Medicine James undertook UMAT, an IQ and EQ test that combines pattern recognition, understanding people and a scientific data analysis question. He completed this just before the HSC trials and scored in the 99th percentile.

james youngDuring his time at Pacific Hills, James enjoyed an array of activities including Duke of Edinburgh (he completed his Gold level this year), playing bass guitar in the jazz and concert bands at school, and as part of the OneMaker Academy (our onsite performing arts school at Pacific Hills). He was also part of a missionary kids network which runs events and community service events throughout the year.

“I think the School has been really helpful in terms of helping me to grow as a person and grow as a Christian. Understanding what that means and how I practically act that out throughout my daily life when I’m with friends and other people. Pacific Hills has also helped me to find what type of person I am, what stuff I’m interested in, and what I want to do in the future.”

“Pacific Hills has been very beneficial to my character development and personal growth. Within the classroom setting, I’ve been able to talk with teachers about lifelong experiences and learning processes and how I should act as a Christian man. Pacific Hills is a really caring, nurturing community and the teachers care about our faith, growth and character. They’re not just there to finish the year and give you marks. It goes beyond that. That’s been really helpful for me and in some ways being separate from church it provides good support.”

“I’ve created strong friendships in my time at Pacific Hills and one of my friends and myself organised a Bible study group in Year 12. We enjoyed meeting up during the stress of the HSC and just chatting and sharing life.”

When contemplating what path of Medicine he might potentially go down, James said he is considering being a GP.

“When my family were missionaries in Nepal I saw the need for doctors and the poverty and poor health system so that being a missionary doctor overseas could be something to look forward to. I think God has placed a desire in my heart to be someone who really serves and helps other people that have less than me and to show God’s love to those who might not otherwise experience it.”

James said he appreciated the School’s focus on missions and outreach,

“I’ve really valued the various opportunities Pacific Hills has given me through the mission trips, Community Service Days and Duke of Edinburgh. As part of DOE I helped out at church and through the community service days run through school I’ve been able to identify that there is a lot of need in the local area. One day I found really confronting and different to what I normally do. It was when we went to the Ponds School for the Disabled and I helped out with teaching the kids lessons and playing with them. It was such a different environment to a public school but it was really lovely to see people keen to teach those who have difficulty learning.”

“I had the opportunity to go on an Indonesia mission in Jakarta which was a heartwarming experience as I got to help out in the orphanages and the rubbish dump schools. It was definitely confronting but having experienced similar things in Nepal it wasn’t a shock.”

“God has taught me a lot of different things in my time at Pacific Hills. Coming here, I knew a lot about God and whilst I would have called myself a Christian my faith started to grow both here and at church. I began to take it on for myself and understand how to talk to people about Christianity and how to act and behave in a way that glorifies God. The school showed me how a Christian lives to other people who may not understand. Pacific Hills has helped prepare me for having discussions with friends about different Christian issues. I’m sure it will be different going out to university and there will be lots of new challenges.”

James is one of many students who performed exceptionally well.

We also want to congratulate these students who achieved Band 6 results in the following subjects:
Alison Wright - Mathematics
Anthony Lindner – Mathematics
Ayrton Lucero - Mathematics
Bethany Dearden – Music 1, Visual Arts
Chung Wah Or – Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1, Physics
Elicia Petschack – PDHPE
Felicity Heap – Community and Family Studies
Hajun Kim – Chinese Continuers
Jaeyoung Kim – Mathematics Extension 1
James Young - Economics, Engineering Studies, Mathematics Extension 2
Jonathon Parkin – English Extension 2
Jong Kyun Kim - Mathematics
Jordan Kew – Mathematics General 2
Justin Lee – Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1
Kevin Chen – Engineering Studies, Studies of Religion 1
Kevin Taehyun Park – Business Studies, Mathematics Extension 1
Leo Junseo Lim – Mathematics
Lukas Kiehl – Mathematics
Michael Lam – Music 2, Music Extension
Nicholas Clegg – Mathematics
Nicholas Liu – Mathematics, Physics
Raquel Bradley - Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1, Physics
Reef Hansheng Singh - Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1, Chinese Continuers
Ryan Bridcutt – Studies of religion 1
Samuel Byungchan Ahn - Mathematics
Soeun Yun - Mathematics
Stephanie Leung - Mathematics General 2, Ancient History
Stephen Edney - Mathematics
Suejin Jung - Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1
Tahlia Fulton – Community and Family Studies
Tiffany Ngai - Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1
Timothy Ng - Studies of religion 1, PDHPE
Timothy Ok – Music Extension
Yan Ming (Sam) Hung – Design and Technology
Yesong (Grace) Oh – Music Extension

We are very proud of our achievers and pray that everyone in our graduation year will discover their personal God-destinies.