Our Constant God

2018 09 14 kyall web 01“On the really good days and the really bad ones, God is still the same and He doesn’t change”.
Mr Kyall Duncan is a Middle School Home Room, Languages and Mathematics teacher at Pacific Hills Christian School and he joined our community earlier this year. For him, the journey has been a surprising one and not something he had previously planned.

“I had never really considered Christian education before as something I wanted to go into, even though I am a Christian. However, this changed when I first visited Pacific Hills and saw its mission focus and Christ centred nature. The attraction of that is something that grew on me. Upon seeing it for the first time I realised the impact I’d be able to have here at the school and that’s what drew me”.

God has taught Mr Duncan many valuable lessons in his short time here and, in particular, the steadfast love of God.

“On the really good days and the really bad ones, God is still the same and He doesn’t change. No two days are the same. I know it’s the cliché that you hear everyone say but being able to see that first hand…when things are great or not so good, that God is the same and His love is always there. That’s the one constant that we have. For example, seeing the illustration of the rock and the tree in Middle School, that perfectly illustrates what I’ve been learning so far this year”.

For Mr Duncan, the most rewarding part of his job is seeing the spiritual growth within his Home Room students.

“It is amazing to see how far my 25 students have come from the beginning of the year, and to share in their faith journey. To see the big steps they are taking is really rewarding and exciting to see.”

“I look forward to getting to the end of the year and seeing where they’ve gone in their journey and I’m sure they’ll have taken many more steps forward. Seeing what that looks like in their life, and the impact it will have on them and the greater world around them, will be a real blessing for me.”