Year 10 Maths Discovery Lesson

2018 08 23 yr10 maths radian web 02Last Thursday afternoon, a fatigued group of Year 10 students walked wearily into period 6 Mathematics. Little did they realise the excitement and reward that awaited them!

“Everyone was so stressed and fatigued from the assessments that afternoon, and no one had the slightest idea about what was to happen. Mr Lee started the class as usual, writing the date on the board and the title ‘Radian Measure’. We waited for him to write more, but instead he asked two students to collect something from the office. Curious, excited and hopeful, I was wondering what was happening!

When the two boys returned with two bags full of cakes, there was an undeniable enthusiasm that filled the class. Students were split into groups of 4, and each group was distributed an identical cake. We were also given a long piece of floss which we used to measure the radius of the cake. Then we measured the exact length of radius on the circumference and marked out an arc of exactly one radius length . So far, no one knew what the point of this activity was, instead, there was great anticipation and desire to devour the cake.

After cutting the cake from the two points marked out from the centre, we repeated that for the three other pieces for all the members of the group. Finally, Mr Lee explained to us that the angle between the two radii is ‘one radian’.

Personally as a student, I know I will now never forget what one radian is. It was an activity that I have never seen nor experienced before in school, and probably will never again in the future. It was so impactful and memorable as it was 50 minutes of my life that I really enjoyed doing Mathematics! Although I must stress that I have never found Maths boring!! From now on, whenever I see the Woolies cake, I straightaway think of the One Radian slice of cake."

Susan Lee – Year 10

“Normally when you are about to go into a maths lesson, you know that you are about to spend the next period or two writing down endless pages of equations. However, last Friday our class received a surprise from our teacher, Mr Lee. He brought in a number of cakes to help us learn about a new concept that involves angles and circles. The class spent the lesson measuring up various components of the cakes in attempt to cut the perfect slice with the correct dimensions. Although my group made some errors when trying to cut the perfect slice, it still tasted delicious, and it was a great start to our new topic! I’m sure it will stick with me for many years to come.”

Lachlan George - Year 10

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