Compassion Club’s trip to Carinya House

2018 06 27 compassion club web 06Compassion Club is a group of Year 3 and 4 students who are keen to engage in local mission and share the love of Jesus with those who need it most. Our visit to Carinya House Retirement Village on Wednesday 27th June was such a blessing. The Compassion Club students sang two beautiful songs that reflected God’s love. Some of them also brought their musical instruments they are learning to play in HOPA to perform tunes for the residents. The students were amazing in the way they related and bravely conversed with the elderly. They shared aspects of their own lives and asked questions in order to find out more about their new friend. The students thoughtfully considered an activity that they could bring to engage the resident with whom they were chatting. They used their talents and hearts to bless others and it was a wonderful experience not only for the students, but also for their teachers and the residents there. We were asked if we could come back again as the children were so well behaved and they don’t get a lot of visits from other schools. The students loved going there and also asked if we can return. Here are some of the students’ reflections on the experience:

“I enjoyed talking to the elderly. I loved singing for them and playing my instrument for them. I want to go again because I want to show and talk with them. That is why I like Compassion Club”- Cleo, Year 4

“l loved going to Carinya House because l got to share the Word of God. l loved playing with the elderly people and seeing how happy they were to see us. The elderly people were so kind and such nice people. l hope l can go back there!”- Sarah, Year 4

“I went to Carinya House to see elderly people to sing and talk with them. I loved to go there because we get to hear what they have done in their life. And we get to show about us. I hope I can go there again”- Melody, Year 4

“I enjoyed singing songs, spending time with the elderly people like playing games with them. I also liked making a speech in front of them and listening to the kids that played instruments” - Parakh, Year 4

“I loved Carinya House because I experienced living there and I enjoyed being confident enough to walk up to someone who I don’t know and become friends with them” - Mikayla, Year 4

“What I liked about the excursion was that we got to send the message of God to all the people. It was very fun”- Luke, Year 4

A successful local mission trip!

Compassion Club Visit Carinya House Compassion Club Visit Carinya House Compassion Club Visit Carinya House Compassion Club Visit Carinya House Compassion Club Visit Carinya House