Maths is everywhere…if you look hard enough!

2018 06 07 maths is everywhere 02On Thursday 7th June, Year 10 Augustine Mathematics class, together with our teachers, Mr Luo and Mrs Chapman, visited Barker College in Hornsby. We were there to take part in the Year 10 Talented Workshop which included a competitive lesson where we were taught concepts such as ‘Draw a Diagram’, ‘Look for a Pattern’, ‘Make a List’ and ‘Logical Reasoning’.

Pacific Hills Christian School students had to both compete and collaborate with students from three other schools, namely Barker College, Northholm Grammar and Shore School. Part of the workshop was a relay, as well as a hands-on competition, during which we worked with students from other schools. There was plenty of opportunities to meet new people!

Throughout the day, we had to use Mathematics and the logic skills and knowledge that we had already acquired in order to solve problems. To my delight, I was able to use Logarithm, which we had recently revised in class, to solve a pattern problem. Working on problems outside of a textbook setting gave us a new take on Mathematics, reminding us that Mathematics can be found everywhere!

One thing I took away from this excursion was that Thinking Mathematically actually requires one to be creative, as many of the problems we encountered did not come with an obvious solution. Working in pairs helped my classmates and I to recognise that teamwork can really capitalise on the unique and creative approaches of different individuals to solve problems. For example, during the competition, my partner and I corrected each other when either of us made a mistake, and we came up with the same solution using different methods. We discovered that problem-solving in teams was really effective and enjoyable.

I am very thankful to be given this opportunity to take part in this fun and meaningful workshop.

2018 06 07 maths is everywhere 01