Robot a Reality for two of our Students

In Christian Community - You are loved, you are valued, you are celebrated! Maddy and Briella Luk, two of our Junior School children at Pacific Hills, will soon be undertaking life-changing surgery to straighten out their spines. Both girls have a condition called Diastrophic Dysplasia, which affects cartilage and bone development.

The surgery will help to rectify these issues but will mean up to six months of recovery for Maddy and Briella. The girls will miss school, miss seeing their friends and teachers and the normality of everyday life. Our hearts went out to the girls and the community rallied to find a solution.

Thanks to the marvel of modern technology, both Maddy and Briella will be able to virtually attend school through a telepresence robot. Basically, it’s a videoconferencing screen mounted on a moving base. While they heal, the girls will be able to take their mind off recovery and interact with friends at school from their hospital bed or at home.

Through our Pacific Vision Foundation, 93 families from our community raised over $6,000 to buy this special robot. The robot has arrived and as you can see, Maddy has been introduced. We are eagerly awaiting an official name, but so far Gizmo or Smiley are in the running! We think we can do better!

pvf logoIsn’t it wonderful what we can achieve as a community working together? Also, wouldn’t it be great if we all upheld Maddy and Briella in our prayers as they face this next challenging season?

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