Nepal Mission 2018

2018 01 nepal mission web 02At Pacific Hills Christian School, both home grown and international mission is an integral part of the community. In January 2018, a group of teachers returned from a trip to Nepal as part of the ETLS course training- The 'Effective Teaching and Learning Series'. The course ran for two weeks, from 31 December 2017 to 12 January 2018. Royston Lee headed up the trip and was joined by fellow PHCS staff Emily Carruthers, Grant Mitchell, Mel Razey, Colin Lees, Leann and Ian Buckley (missionaries stationed in Nepal), retired teacher Mary McNeice, two teachers from New Zealand (Kaya Lambaard and Rachel Wilding) and Nepalese teacher Hari Khadka.

The program was first developed by New Hope International in 2011 as a way of helping teachers all over the globe become stronger Godly teachers and to help advance and improve faith-based schools. Many parts of this world have never been exposed to faith-based learning.

This is the first year Pacific Hills ran the Christian teacher conference at 3 Angels School in Pokhara, Nepal. The school has over 500 students, half of whom are orphaned or have been rescued from circumstances like human trafficking. PHCS worked in partnership with Transform the Nations (TTN). One aim of TTN is to protect women and children from sex trafficking.

Throughout the program, the staff was able to share God's Word through the gospel message and Bible stories. In the Great Commission, found in Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus tells the Israelites, "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you". The team sought to make disciples and a number of people shared about their desire to be closer to God including one Nepalese teacher who shared that she was nearer to Jesus because of the training, seeing the story of Jesus and what it is to be a Christian teacher. By God's grace, four teachers acknowledged belief in the Lord Jesus Christ, three who were from the 3 Angels school in Chisapani. Gregory, the Vice Principal of 3 Angels at the Graduation said that he had developed a deep love of the Bible and was now reading God's word. This is something previously unheard of as the main religion in Nepal is Hinduism.

"I believe over the 2 weeks, they saw a different way of schooling, a different way of looking at students and a different way of teaching and learning. More importantly, they heard the gospel and looked at Jesus, the Model teacher and how they needed to be in relationship with Him and listening to the prompting of the Holy Spirit to build a Christ centred, Bible based, a Spirit led, God fearing learning community- Mary McNeice

Leann adapted a talk on Christian living- her 12 devotions on God's grace, which ended up being a combination of both evangelism and discipleship as many weren't Christians. Grant got to both teach a class and have dinner with one of the non-Christian teaching staff. He used the opportunities to model how he brings Christ into his teaching.

Talking about God's creation through the teaching material was one thing, but showing the teachers God's creation while staring at the spectacular Annapurna Mountain ranges was another. Many hadn't been able to afford visiting this place themselves so getting to experience the true living God through creation was incredible. The group also enjoyed visiting Fewa Lake and boating on the Begnas Lake.

The School not only served spiritually but also practically, bringing over much needed white boards, journals and other stationary items for the school. The most special gift however were the Nepali Bibles for the teaching staff, many of which had never held a copy of, let alone read it.

The team look forward to more mission trip opportunities to come to Nepal.

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