Compassion Club visits Carinya House

2017 06 21 compassion club 03Compassion Club is a Mission group in Junior School. About 20 students from Year 3-4 meet at Wednesday lunchtimes once a fortnight. Students come along because they have a heart for serving others and want to share Jesus' love in practical ways, beyond our school community. When meeting together we discuss opportunities to serve, foster students’ hearts of compassion and encourage them to imagine what it's like to "walk in someone else's shoes". Then once each term we take our students on a local mission.

On Wednesday 21st June Compassion Club visited Carinya House nursing home in Glenhaven. After sharing a bit about why they’re a part of Compassion Club the students sang two songs, which the residents loved. They particularly enjoyed Do Re Me and many joined in and sang along. Then we asked the students to meet a new friend. They bravely approached a resident and introduced themselves. Then they asked a series of questions to help them get to know their new friend a little better. Each student shared a little about themselves and also took along an activity to do with their elderly friend. Many brought card games or iPads and a lot of fun was had. Mrs Waterhouse and I were so proud of the students. They rose to the challenge and stepped out of their comfort zone to bless someone else.

Reflections from two students:
Sebastian Tsang 3S
I had my first visit to Carinya House and I was very, very blessed. It was wonderful to see the elderly people’s happiness! I met a man named Paul. He was a man with a mysterious voice. We played a game and talked. He told me about his favourite toy- a model of a car. Then he told me about holidays in the mountains! That was very interesting. I gave him some special origami that I made. I loved my visit. I would really like to go again!

Isla Castle 3S
On Wednesday in Week 9, the 21st of June, Compassion Club visited Carinya House. I met a lovely elderly man named Bob, and I loved spending my time talking and playing UNO with him. We played 3 games of UNO and the 2nd and 3rd time a lovely staff member joined in! The 1st time I won, the 2nd time Bob won and the 3rd time the lovely staff member won. So, all 3 of us had a turn of winning. Bob told me a lot about his life including how he loves to swim and take photos. He also said that he has been believing in Jesus for about 60 years now. I liked playing UNO with him because I loved how it made him smile, and he has an amazing smile! I enjoyed my time being at Carinya House and I think the people there enjoyed our visit!

Several residents spoke of how impressed they were with the behaviour, maturity and attitude of the students. It was evident that our visit made their day, if not their week.

Mrs Claire Kendall

Compassion Club visits Carinya House Compassion Club visits Carinya House Compassion Club visits Carinya House