From the Principal - Term 2, Week 1, 2019

Delights and Dangers of Christian Parenting
Thankfulness and Prayer
During the month of the May we have a very special opportunity to celebrate as a community of past members and current members. This will be a time of thankfulness and prayer for acknowledgement of the past blessings and the current blessings of God as well as prayer for the future of our community. This is an opportunity for us to encourage our children as well as the adults in our community to thank God for all that we are and all that we have.

Start of Term 2
Welcome back to Term 2 for our continuing families and a special welcome to the new members of our community. Term 2 is likely to be a very active time for us with the School Musical and the special events for the 40th Anniversary Celebrations. On the first day of term, we had a wonderful Anzac Day Service with special guest speaker, Mr Chris Bennett. This was a wonderful service under the leadership of our Faculty Head Teacher of History, Mrs Narelle Fletcher, and great input from our students.

40th Anniversary Celebrations
As we continue to look forward to celebrating this special Anniversary, please be reminded of the following dates:

  • 18-19 May – Weekend of Celebrations
  • 21 May – Thanksgiving Service
  • 23 May – Anniversary Dinner

Please see our website for more details.

Please remember that the School Musical is to be presented on the evenings of 9,10 and 11 May as well as a matinee on the afternoon of Saturday 11 May. I encourage you to make immediate bookings as some sessions are already sold out and the Musical is likely to follow our traditional outstanding presentations. We are very thankful for the extra time and effort of so many staff and other volunteers as well as students in the various rehearsals that are being held.

Property changes
I would like to express great appreciation for the wonderful efforts and service of our Property Manager, Mr Lee Pratt, and his team of staff and casual support staff during the holidays. Their work meant that the School is looking really good for our School Musical and the 40th Anniversary Celebrations.

Mission and Christian Education Development Program (CEDP) Teams
We are also thankful to God that our Nepal, Outback and Paraguay Mission teams arrived home safely after their time away. We look forward to them sharing with us in the coming days.

We are also thankful to God for the safe return of our CEDP teams. They have been involved serving Christian teachers in Christian schools in Nepal led by Dr Melissa Razey and in Congo, Africa led by Mrs Carolyn Sakoulas with her husband, Bill. We look forward to them sharing with us in the coming days.

Soul Survivor at Pacific Hills Christian School
This ministry of Christian leaders sharing the Christian faith with young people of the community were involved in a week long program last week at Pacific Hills Christian School. A number of people came to faith in Christ during that time and I had the opportunity to meet with the participants including the leaders and was greatly struck by their wonderful commitment to faith and service to others. Mr Scott Daniels, from our Property team, has been one of the leaders of this movement for some time.

New Staff
We welcome the following new staff to our School:

  • Mr Samuel Bolton – Year 8 Home Room Teacher
  • Mrs Monica Krzychylkiewicz – Payroll Officer
  • Ms Kirsten Mackinnon – PHDPE Teacher
  • Mrs Geraldine Paynter – Assistant Director of The Excellence Centre
  • Mr Richard Weeks – Groundsman

Senior Roles
A reminder to our community of the senior roles at Pacific Hills Christian School.

  • Assistant Principal: Administration and Welfare - Mr Andrew Waters
  • Lead Principal Regional Schools, Director of The Excellence Centre, Assistant Principal Teaching Learning and Strategic Planning - Dr Tina Lamont
  • Pacific Group Business Manager - Mr Chris Baldry
  • Head of Senior School - Mr Greg Driscoll
  • Head of Middle School - Mr Gavin Neale
  • Head of Junior School - Mr Scott Cousins
  • Dean of School Administration - Mr Craig Robson
  • Pacific Group Dean of Curriculum - Mrs Belinda Nunn
  • Principal’s Personal Assistant - Mrs Judy Walker
  • Pacific Group Finance Manager - Mrs Rebekah Oh
  • Pacific Group Director of Strategic School Improvement - Mr Steven Coote
  • Pacific Group Director of School Leadership - Mr Brian Cox
  • Assistant Director of The Excellence Centre - Mrs Geraldine Paynter

Pacific Schools:

  • Assistant Lead Principal Regional Schools - Dr Ian O’Harae
  • Director, New Hope School - Mrs Dianne Dowson
  • Principal, Pacific Brook Christian School - Mr David O’Hara
  • Principal, Pacific Coast Christian School - Mr Patrick Donnelly
  • Director, Pacific Hope School - Mr Klaus Knobloch
  • Principal, Pacific Valley Christian School - Mr Scott Logan
  • Head Teacher, Valley Hope School - Mr Nathan Murray

Dr E J Boyce