From the Principal - Term 1, Week 8, 2019

Delights and Dangers of Christian Parenting
Interest in Others
Jesus teaches us in the Bible to love our neighbours as ourselves. Throughout the Bible we are told plainly and clearly that we are to take in interest in others and seek to care for them. Therefore, it is important for people of all ages. As adults we know that this is good and it is particularly important that we practise the care of others and at the same time set an example to those around us, particularly children. As children see care of others in practice by kindness, self-sacrifice, generosity through words and actions they will develop more strongly the understanding and commitment to caring for others.
I would encourage you to share the truth and value of this way of life with your children so that they grow in their own spiritual character and at the same time do good to others.

Staff Devotions
This week we have been blessed and thankful for Devotions given by our Middle School staff Mr Jason Mok, Dr Melissa Razey, Mrs Andrea Wise, Mr Grant Mitchell and Miss Emily Carruthers.

Visitor from Mackay Christian College
On Thursday 21 March Dr Barclie Gallogray, Principal of Mackay Christian College, visited us for the purpose of his interest in commencing a Special School. He spent time with Mrs Dianne Dowson at our New Hope School, as well as Dr Tina Lamont and myself.

Regional Principals’ Gathering
This event held at Pacific Valley Christian School was a great opportunity for fellowship, sharing and learning together. We had the privilege of meeting with the new Assistant Lead Principal of our Regional Schools, Dr Ian O’Harae and Pacific Group Director of Strategic School Improvement, Mr Steven Coote. We also had a two hour seminar with Mr Brian Cox our Director of School Leadership Development who spoke to us on a Theology of Lament.

Commissioning of Mrs Felicity Marlow
On Sunday 17 March I had the privilege of attending this event at Norwest Christian College when Mrs Marlow was commissioned as School Principal. Mrs Marlow is the youngest daughter of two of the founders of our School and is strongly committed to authentic Christian Education. Also commissioned at that service was Deputy Principal, Mr Colin Wood, our former Head of Middle School. Please pray for both Mrs Marlow and Mr Wood as they serve in their local community.

Mr Graham Kerr with his wife Robyn visited on Monday 18 March to discuss matters of Transform the Nations with which we are heavily involved.

Registrar’s High Tea
On Wednesday 20 March a High Tea was held for the purpose of welcoming and introducing new parents with their children for enrolment in our Prep and Kindergarten classes. This was a great event of fellowship and sharing together with our staff and parents. The families were entertained with students from our OneMaker Academy with dance and music.

40th Anniversary Celebrations
We are very thankful to the committee meeting weekly under the leadership of Mrs Vickie Clegg and Mr Bil Ghali. Please check our website in regards to various events and consider your involvement in any or all of these activities.

Mission trips in April
Please pray for our upcoming Mission trips as they prepare for their departure in April.
14 - 24 April Nepal Mission - Led by Miss Emily Carruthers
14 - 24 April Outback Mission - Led by Mr Christopher Petschack
14 - 27 April Paraguay Mission - Led by Mr Paul McConnell

Association of Independent Schools Visit
On Thursday this week we had a visit from the Association of Independent Schools with regard to the new Staff Award for non teaching staff. Other Christian schools visited us at that time.

Year 6 Parents’ Breakfast
This event was held on Friday 15 March. The students with their families enjoyed a great time of fellowship together with the staff.

Visit by Mawar Sharon Christian School
On Monday and Tuesday this week we were visited by seven School leaders from Mawar Sharon Christian School in Surabaya, Indonesia. Mawar Sharon Christian School is one of our Sister Schools and we had a wonderful time of fellowship and sharing together. Please pray for this School.

Aspiring Leaders Retreat
On Friday 22 March we held this retreat for Aspiring Leaders for each of our Schools. This was led by Mr Brian Cox with his past experience of Christian Education.

New Hope International
On Friday 22 March I had a meeting with Mrs Sue Skuthorpe the CEO of New Hope International as we considered together the ways in which we can work in close fellowship.

Musical Rehearsals
Please be reminded that rehearsals are now happening each Saturday. We thank the students and their families as well as the staff and other volunteers for the extra work and time to which they have committed.

New Hope School
As we plan the new facilities for New Hope School we are excited by what God is doing in that School.

Pacific Brook Christian School
Please pray for the new stage of development for this School in purchasing our own property and as the School continues to grow.

Valley Hope School
Please continue to pray for this Special School located on the grounds of Pacific Valley Christian School.

Pacific Valley Christian School
Please pray for Mr Scott Logan, Principal and the staff of Pacific Valley Christian School as their numbers continue to grow. Pacific Valley Christian School celebrate their 10 year Anniversary on Monday 25 March.

Pacific Coast Christian School
Please pray for Mr Patrick Donnelly, the new Principal of this School located at Tweed Heads. We are thankful for the ongoing interest in this School.

Pacific Hope School
We thank God for this Special School located on the campus of Pacific Coast Christian School. Enrolments continue to escalate at this lovely School.

Dr E J Boyce