From the Principal - Term 1, Week 2, 2019

The Delights and Dangers of Christian Parenting
Celebration of Community
This year of 2019, is a special celebration for Pacific Hills Community as we celebrate the change from a small group of 8 children, 1 teacher in a room located in a former orphanage to over 1,400 school students with hundreds of staff with wonderful facilities and spaces. We celebrate the goodness of God to us.
In this celebration we share with our children, the new generation. They were indeed, as with many of our adults, not present 40 years ago but we are blessed by those who have preceded us and therefore we thank God for their lives and their work.

The School continues to receive many enquiries for enrolments, that we are experiencing the difficulty of increasing waiting lists for a number of grades, with the difficulty of having to say ‘no’. Unfortunately, we do not have enough space for several applicants. We thank God for the great interest in our community.

Senior School Camps
Last week our students and staff from Years 9 to12 were involved in a number of camps. We are thankful for the staff leaving their families for those days and nights and we are very thankful for the venues that hosted our people. The camps are a special way of allowing students at the beginning of the year to be together and to understand the expectations of the School for them throughout the year.

Year Meetings
This week, we are commencing the meetings I have with all Year Groups. It is a very special time for me with the reading of books to the younger students and telling stories including stories of the history of Pacific Hills to the older students.

Overseas visitors
We have been thankful for our overseas visitors. Mr Luc Bussiere and his wife, Manuela, who departed last week. Dr Samson Makhado and his wife, Mevis, with Mr Marcus and Mrs Sylvia Assmann have been at Pacific Hills this last week meeting with groups of staff.

This year we will be continuing our weekly Bible Study/ Prayer Groups and would like to extend an invitation to all parents. We currently have a group meeting on a Tuesday from 8:45am in our School Café. If you would like any further details as to other groups available, please feel free to contact Mr Bil Ghali on 9651 0766.

Helen Leek
Please pray for Judy’s assistant Mrs Helen Leek who is now on maternity leave for the next few months. Please pray for Mrs Tania Rivett who has replaced Helen and who has a continuing role in the School and also for Miss Kirralee Morsillo who will be assisting with administration work.

40th Anniversary Celebrations
Please look forward with us as we enjoy these special celebrations being held this year. We will be promoting the plans and preparation for these series of events in the coming weeks.

As mentioned previously the Bible verse we are using for our theme of Wellbeing this year is John 10:10b where Jesus says “I have come that they may have life and have it to the full”.

Craig Hingston
Craig Hingston has now commenced as the Pacific Group Marketing Manager. Please pray for him.

New location for Marketing Team and Mr Bil Ghali
Within the next few days the Marketing team and Mr Bill Ghali as Community Fellowship Coordinator, will be located in the house at the start of Quarry Lane. We are thankful for the provision of this space.

Pacific Group of Schools
I would like to remind our School community members that we are a group of seven Christian School communities. In Dural with Pacific Hills Christian School we have New Hope School. In Tweed Heads we have Pacific Coast Christian School and Pacific Hope School. In Maclean we have Pacific Valley Christian School and Valley Hope School. In Muswellbrook we have Pacific Brook Christian School.
Please pray for each of these schools as we continue to see growth in numbers and quality of life in teaching, learning, serving and excellence.

The Excellence Centre (TEC)
The Excellence Centre under the leadership of Dr Tina Lamont has welcomed a significant number of other schools within their ministry and we are expecting significant growth this year. The ministry of The Excellence Centre is the assistance of people in their understanding and practice of authentic Christian Education.

New Hope School (NHS)
Please pray for the new staff, students and families. We are thankful for the provision of a new classroom and additional facilities for this special school.

Pacific Coast Christian School
Please pray for Mr Patrick Donnelly in his role as Acting Principal after the departure of Mr Darren Dick. Please pray for new staff, new students and new families.

Pacific Hope School
Please pray for more than 50 students under the leadership of Mr Klaus Knobloch and his Assistant Director Mr Kyle La Marre. Please pray for the significant new staff that have been appointed in the last few months.

Pacific Valley Christian School
Please pray for Mr Scott Logan and his Assistant Principal Mrs Lee Hackfath and the rest of the staff as they are expecting 340 students to be enrolled in this School this year.

Valley Hope School
Please pray for the School of 14 students with the expectation of significant growth for the next few years, under the leadership of Head Teacher Mr Nathan Murray.

Pacific Brook Christian School
Please pray for Mr David O’Hara, the staff and students of this delightful School that has almost doubled its enrolments since last year. Please pray for new land and facilities for this School.

School Registration and Accreditation
Please pray for Mrs Belinda Nunn as our Director of Curriculum for all Schools as she leads staff in each location in preparation for school inspections in 2019.

Appointment of Head of Middle School
We believe that we are greatly blessed by the appointment of Mr Gavin Neale as the new Head of Middle School with our current head, Mr Colin Wood who will be leaving us on 8 March to become the Deputy Principal at Norwest Christian College.
Mr Neale has spent many years at this School in many roles and has been a School Leader in Kenya and Indonesia. Please pray for him in this new avenue of ministry.

Hannah’s Uniform Shop
We are very thankful for the completion of the new entrance to Hannah’s, which is a really special part of our facilities. Please pray for our staff of Hannah’s.

New lawn at Junior School and near Middle School
We are thankful for the new lawn that has been laid near Middle School, and the artificial turf laid in the courtyard area of Junior School. We are very thankful for the tremendous work from our Property team under Mr Lee Pratt.

Extra rooms for Junior School and New Hope School
We are thankful that these rooms have been renovated in their location at the western end of the main School oval. These rooms are attractive and allow us to continue the growth of the School.

Dr E Boyce