Delights and Dangers of Christian Parenting
Farewelling well, by honouring
At the end of a year there are often changes. In a School Community there are people who leave the community either through completing their studies or completing their time of service, and so there is a sense of finishing and a sense of waiting for the next phase of one’s journey.

It is so good to teach our children the importance of finishing a season well and giving dignity to others by honouring them either individually or in community.

Final weeks of School Year
These final weeks are times of many happenings, from reports, to different types of activities, both in classes and in the whole Community of the School. Please pray for us at this time and especially for those who are departing our community after having been such an important part of who we are.

Year 4 Graduation Assembly
This event held on Wednesday 29 November, was a wonderful reminder to us of the strong sense of community of students, parents and staff. We are very thankful for the strong commitment of so many parents and for the high commitment also of so many Junior School staff.

Year 8 Graduation
Again we are really thankful for the high commitment of the Year 8 staff who attended this event on Wednesday 29 November, as well as the very large number of parents who showed commitment to the School by attending this event.

Dance Spectacular
This event on 28 November was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the gifts of the children. We are extremely thankful for the leadership of Miss Ashley Crimmins and the other wonderful staff of OMA. It is so good to see the enthusiasm, commitment and high quality performance of so many students.

Presentation Evening
We are looking forward to our guest speaker, Mr Brian Cox, presenting at this special formal event on the evening of 7 December. I encourage all School families to attend if at all possible as this is a really significant milestone in the lives of so many members of our School Community.

Carols Evening
I look forward to seeing many of our School families on Monday evening 4 December. Please encourage family and friends to attend this special event as we celebrate the birth of our Saviour.

Story Telling to Middle School
I am currently involved in spending 10-15 minutes in each grade of Middle School and sharing something of the journey that God has given us in the establishment and development of PHCS and NHS.

New Hope School (NHS)
We continue to be so thankful for this school as we are able to serve a particular group of our wider community with Christian Education. On Tuesday 28 November their Certificate Assembly was held and was a great reminder to us of God’s goodness and the blessing to us of this community.

Valley Hope School (VHS) Farewell to David Johnston
At this occassion on 24th November we had a marvellous presentation by the 7 students of the Valley Hope School. It was most touching to see the development of these students in their confidence and their acknowledgement of being loved.

Pacific Valley Christian School (PVCS)
On 24 November there was a special school assembly in the afternoon to farewell Mr Johnston for his years of great service, in his role of Foundation Principal of PVCS.

In the evening a community event was held at which the blessings of Mr Johnston’s servant heart in leadership was celebrated, through the stories of people whose lives were changed forever by meeting Jesus through the love of meeting Mr Johnston and others in the school.

Pacific Coast Christian School (PCCS)
On Monday 4 December the new Principal of PCCS, Mr Darren Dick, will be introduced to the staff as he prepares to take on his new responsibilities in 2018. Please pray for him and his family.

Please pray also for the continuing building project at the school and for a good finish to the school year.

Pacific Hope School (PHS)
Please continue to pray for this rapidly expanding school with its significant enrolment increase and a wonderful new building that should be completed by April 2018.

This week our staff heard from past student Scott Morrison, Head of Odell Learning Resources Centre, Andrew Lack, retiring PHCS teacher, Zel Laxen and Missionaries, Josh and Naomi Pryde.

This week I met with Rev Dr Ross Clifford, Principal Morling College, Mr David Bartlett and Mr Paul Campey of Resolve Consulting. On Thursday 30 November we had a visit by the incoming Principals of PCCS and PHS, Mr Darren Dick. We welcome him as part of the whole community of Pacific Hills and as they become part of the School community.

Please continue to pray for the ministry of Christian Mission International (CMI)
under the leadership of Mr Matthew Hillier. Pray also for Mr and Mrs Cadwallader, as Mrs Cadwallader leads the community there in its celebration of Christmas as an outreach into the wider community.

Senior Leadership Team (SLT) Dinner and Farewell
On 30 November the Leadership of our School held a special dinner to farewell our Head of Senior School, Mr Steve Grice and the Head of Odell Learning Resources Centre, Mr Andrew Lack. Each of them has provided strong service to our School Community. Please pray for them as they move into the next phase of their lives.

Final Week of 2017 School Year
Please pray for the whole School Community as we plan to finish well as a Christian School Community, as we express our thanks to so many and as we prepare for what God is calling us to do in 2018.

Planning and preparing for 2018
We would appreciate your prayers as we plan for a new school year with many strategic decisions to be made and the introduction of many new people to the staff, parent body and student community. Please check our website for announcements that are made regarding different aspects of our School life.

TEC Seminar
On Monday 29 November, Nicole Kirkegard and Colin Lees from Middle School, held a seminar for our staff about ‘The Growth Mindset.’

Dr E J Boyce