Delights and Dangers of Christian Parenting
The place of the Bible in Christian lives, and in Christian Communities
It is so important for us to understand the importance of us giving a high place to the Bible in our lives, both individually and in community. When we do this we are blessed by God because we are learning directly from Him. The best way to learn more of the Bible is to read it, study it, memorise it and share it with others. This then becomes the pattern of our thinking and our words.

As we read in 1 Peter 4:11 “Whenever we speak we should do so as saying the very words of God”. Therefore, I encourage all School families to learn the importance of the Bible by sharing with your children and being strategic in having the Bible available and celebrated in the family situation.

Science Week
This week is an important week in our study of Science at Pacific Hills. We are so thankful for our teaching staff who understand that studying Science allows us to worship God.

A Staff Devotions this week, we have heard from teachers within our Science Faculty, Mr Daniel Chew, Mr Grant Mitchell, Mr Philip Young and guest speaker Professor Chris Maxwell, retired Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney.

Year 8 Ski Camp
From all reports, Year 8 students had a wonderful time and were a good witness for our Christian School Community during the ski camp last week. We are very thankful for the staff who sacrificed time with their families for the sake of our students for the week.

Board Meetings
The recent meetings of the School Boards of PCCS/PHS and of PVCS/VHS were further opportunities for us to appreciate the quality of understanding, expertise and commitment of our Board Members.

NAPLAN tests
At the present time there is much in the media with regard to NAPLAN. From 2020, students will need to demonstrate a minimum standard of reading, writing and numeracy in order to be awarded the Higher School Certificate. There will be multiple opportunities to do this, by taking short online tests that specifically assess literacy and numeracy skills during Years 10, 11 and 12. The School will be providing support for students as they work towards these goals. Parents with questions should contact their Head of School, Belinda Nunn, Dean of Curriculum, or Craig Robson, Dean of Curriculum.

Open Days
Our Open Days at Pacific Hills Christian School and New Hope School are always a valuable time of celebrating the community. I am always appreciative of the volunteers amongst the staff and students who represent the School so well. Thank you to Mrs Sharon Maddison, our Director of Enrolments and Mrs Marie-Louise FitzGerald, Registrar, for the work they have done in organising our Open Days.

Pacific Coast Christian School (PCCS)
Please pray for PCCS and especially Mr Ben Krahe, who is currently on leave for personal reasons. The Acting Principal of the school is Mr Patrick Donnelly.

Pacific Hope School (PHS)
Please pray for the Director of PHS at Tweed Heads, Mr Klaus Knobloch and his strong team of staff and the 27 students in that school.

Earlier this week Mrs Belinda Nunn, our Dean of Curriculum, visited PCCS and PHS to provide continued excellent service to them in areas of Curriculum and Teacher Accreditation.

New Hope School (NHS)
Please pray for our Director, Mrs Dianne Dowson, and the wonderful staff that we have here at Dural. We continue to have many people visiting NHS because of the type of school that it is and we continue to be blessed in providing hospitality. Also in speaking with others, we reinforce our commitment to what we are doing and we consider new and better ways of providing this ministry.

Pacific Valley Christian School (PVCS)
Please continue to pray for Mr David Johnston and for the staff and community at PVCS and also the construction of a new Science block as the school continues to grow.

Valley Hope School (VHS)
Please pray for the continuing growth of this school as the community places great value on its services.

On 7 August we welcomed the Principal of Rehoboth Christian College, Perth and another member of that community as they look to start a school similar to New Hope School with their community in Perth. We continue to be thankful for these opportunities to share with others, the experiences and opportunities that we have with our students and School families.

Miss Anna Grummitt, from The Centre of Public Christianity (CPX) also visited on 7 August. CPX is interested in working with our School and others as a way on increasing understanding and commitment to Christian living in all areas of life.

I had the privilege of a visit from Dr Mark Hutchinson, Dean of Education, Arts and Social Sciences from Alphacrusis College, Parramatta. We are looking for ways of working with that College as well as other Christian Higher Education providers, primarily in fellowship but also in practical ways.

I am looking forward to a meeting with the State Government member for Hornsby, Mr Matt Kean, who has always brought blessing to our School in his role in government, and to having fellowship with Dr Joseph d’Sousa, the leader of the Good Shepherd Schools of India. We look forward to welcoming Mr Scott Marsh, the Principal of William Clarke College for fellowship and discussion on Christian Education on Tuesday 15 August.

Colin Wood and Royston Lee re Cambodia and Indonesia
These two senior staff members had a wonderful time of learning, serving and teaching and have returned with a sense of understanding and commitment that will bring much blessing to the community of PHCS. As always when we go to bless others, we are blessed ourselves.

It Will Be Okay
One of our staff members, Mr Akram Zaki has written a wonderful book which is suitable for young children, but also for older people, explaining God’s place in all of life. If you would like a copy of this book to share with your children, grandchildren and others, please see front reception staff for a copy. This is a gift from the School.

CEA meeting
Many Christian Schools throughout Australia were represented at a meeting in Melbourne on 10 August as the next steps are taken in the establishment of this new body of Christian Schools which is seeking to bring unity across all Christian School movements in Australia.

Aspiring Leaders' Retreat
On the 11 and 12 August, Aspiring Leaders of our Schools and other schools are meeting together to be taught by Graeme Irwin, Brian Cox and myself on the ways to provide leadership in Christian School Community. This is a ministry of TEC.

Past Students
On 7 August I had the privilege of praying with one of our former students, Sam Dearden and his mother, as he prepares to spend the next six months in Tanzania, Africa, serving the people there. Sam spoke to me about the impact of missions on his life and this adventure is one part of this consequence.

Two of our past students, Tim and Anna Southcott, are preparing to go as full time missionaries with Mission Aviation Fellowship in the north of Australia. We are thankful for their commitment to this service and look forward to sharing with them in the near future.

School Foundation
We are excited by the prospects of fundraising for developing the facilities of the School through The Pacific Hills Foundation, which is managed by Mr Bil Ghali. I encourage any parents or members of our School Community to contact Bil Ghali if there are any particular projects you would like us to consider.

The Excellence Centre (TEC)
Please continue to pray for this ministry as Dr Tina Lamont and others seek to help people understand and practise Christian Education both in our Schools and in other schools.

Christian Academic Conference, 18-19 August
This Christian Academic Conference led by Prof James Dalziel from TEC and Morling Education will bring together a strong group of Christian Higher Educators. These events are very important for the future growth and enrichment of our Christian Schools in Australia.

Dr E J Boyce