Delights and Dangers of Christian Parenting
The place of God's Word in your life
As I continue to meditate on Psalm 119, I am struck by the need for each of us to meditate on the place of God’s Word in our lives. Again I encourage everyone to read this Psalm and to allow it to go deep into our minds.

Pacific Streams
The latest edition of Pacific Streams is a wonderful reminder to us of the blessing that the Pacific Group of Schools enjoys by God’s favour. I encourage each School family to read it and share it with family and friends.

HSC Exams
Please pray for our students who have started their HSC exams this week. In praying with them and speaking with them, I am thankful that we have a group of students who seem to be well prepared and ready to do their best.

Josephine Pignolet Young Chef of the Year Award
We congratulate one of our former students, Kylie Millar, who has received this high honour at the awards night on Monday night.

After 15 years of excellent service in our School, Miss Jenny Reynolds has advised she will be concluding her service here with Special Needs children at the end of the school year. Please pray for her.

New Hope School (NHS)
Please continue to pray for the staff and students of this school, as we are seeking more enrolments to fill up to 6 spaces. We have accepted interest from some families, but would be pleased to receive more. Please promote this opportunity in your friendship circle.

Board meetings this week and next
Please pray for the Board Members of each of our schools as Board meetings are held in this two-week period. Please pray for the Directors in the deliberations as we continue to uphold and enrich the culture that God has given to us.

Pacific Coast Christian School (PCCS)
Please pray for PCCS as we seek to appoint a new Principal upon the resignation of Mr Ben Krahe from that position.

Pacific Hope School (PHS)
Please pray for this ministry as it is expanding rapidly. We are very thankful for Mr Klaus Knobloch and the wonderful staff of that school.

Pacific Valley Christian School (PVCS)
Please pray for this school as we are seeking to appoint a new Principal with the departure of Mr David Johnston. Also we are seeking to appoint an inaugural Assistant Principal at the school. Your prayers on these matters would be greatly appreciated.

Valley Hope School (VHS)
Please continue to pray for this school as it concludes its first year of operations. Please pray for incoming students and the right staff to be their teachers.

This week I met with past Board Member, Mr Peter Draper and current Board Member, Mrs Helen McDougall.

Staff Devotions
This week our staff have heard from the returning Vanuatu CEDP teams, Mrs Ruth McCrindle, School Parent and the returning Moldova Mission Team.

Enrolments continue to be really strong at our School and we are expecting to have almost 100 families attend the Open Day this week.

Head of Senior School for 2018
I am pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Greg Driscoll, as the new Head of Senior School from the beginning of 2018. Mr Driscoll was previously on staff here for about 13 years prior to taking senior positions in other schools. We are very thankful for his acceptance of the invitation to lead the Senior School.

Prayer for Andrew Waters
Please continue to pray for Mr Waters as he recovers from the protruding disks in his back. He continues to be in significant pain and discomfort and we pray that he will make a speedy recovery and return in good health.

Finance Committee
This committee held its last meeting for the year on the 16 October. We are so thankful to God for the wonderful members of this committee, with expertise and devotion to PHCS and our other Pacific Schools.

Return of Europe Team
We were thankful for the safe return of Mrs Narelle Fletcher and Mr Chris Petschack, with reports that they had a wonderful time of fellowship and learning and celebration of God’s goodness.

TEC Seminar
This week our staff had the pleasure of hearing from special guest, Valerie Ling, Clinical Psychologist.
Valerie was speaking about Resilience in Ministry.

Dr E Boyce