Delights and Dangers of Christian Parenting
As I continue to meet with both students and adults, I am reminded of the need to persevere in doing good and using our gifts to the full. Perseverance is strongly encouraged in the Bible and the people whom we respect and seek to emulate, almost invariably are those who show perseverance.

Too many of us give up too easily, whether it is in a race or an activity or a lifestyle. It is important to teach our children by being good examples to them, that perseverance is an important character trait for being effective and productive in our lives.

School Fair
This special event is an important part of our community building program. We encourage all members of our School Community to invite their friends and neighbours and well as families to attend on Saturday 25 March, from 10-4pm.

School Musical
A great deal of work is continuing for the production of Beauty and the Beast. We have started a prayer group for this event, under the leadership of Dr Mel Razey, Assistant Head of Middle School. If you would like to receive advice about prayer points, please contact her at the School.

Resources Planning Committee
We continue to be thankful for the RPC under the leadership of Mr Paul Watkins. This committee had its recent meeting on 23 March, as we consider the Master Plan for the whole site. Please pray for this committee and the School Management as we prepare this documentation for the School Board.

Report on Visible Learning
Several of our School Leaders attended a two-day conference last week, led by Prof John Hattie. In this conference we looked at very large numbers of research findings about the best way for students to learn. In the coming weeks we shall consider various points from that research, for our continuous improvement of learning at PHCS. We did discover that the research supports many of the processes that we teach consistently at our School, and we learnt of new ways to do what we set as a goal to teach our learners how to learn and to become lifelong learners.

The Excellence Centre (TEC)
Please continue to pray for the TEC under the leadership of Dr Tina Lamont, as we serve the Professional Development needs of our Schools and the Professional Development needs of those in many other schools in Australia and overseas.

TEC Seminar
This week our staff heard from Mr Scott Cousins, Head of Junior School and Mrs Mikaela Elliot, Year 1 Teacher and Year Advisor, to learn about ‘Inquiry Based Learning’.

New Hope School (NHS)
Please continue to pray for this School on our site as we look at the special needs of our students and to celebrate the gifts and commitment of our staff.

Pacific Hope School (PHS)
Please continue to pray for PHS at Tweed Heads, particularly as the school had spent a great deal of time preparing for a visit on the 23 March from the Registration Inspection Team from NESA, the Government body for Registration and Accreditation of Schools. Many people have worked very long hours and with much expertise including people from Pacific Hills and New Hope School. Please pray for Mr Knobloch and the staff of Pacific Hope School.

Pacific Coast Christian School (PCCS)
Please continue to pray for the Board of this school under the leadership of Mr Max Maddock and for the Principal, Mr Ben Krahe. The school continues to grow in quantity and quality and we are very thankful for their strong commitment to mission. Pacific Coast is significantly involved in the establishment of a new Christian School on Santo Island, Vanuatu.

Pacific Valley Christian School (PVCS)
Please continue to pray for Mr David Johnston and the staff as well as for the School Board under the leadership of Mr Max Maddock.

Valley Hope School (VHS)
Please continue to pray for VHS at Pacific Valley with its 7 students and prospects of several more joining the school this year. Please pray also for the registration visit coming up in term two.

Staff Devotions
This week we have heard from staff member, Emily Carruthers, Pastor Tim Blencowe and Pastor John Macindoe.

This week I met with Mr Jeff Pratt, an international speaker and author; Rev Bob Frisken from New Hope International; Jeff van Groningen, Managing Director, Sydney Kings and Rev Dr Ross Clifford, Principal, Morling College.

Association Independent Schools (AIS)
On Tuesday 21 March, our Business Manager, Mr Chris Baldry, and I had the privilege of an extended meeting with Dr Jeff Newcombe, who is the Executive Director of Association of Independent Schools of NSW.

We continue to be blessed with enrolment applications for this year, next year and future years. I encourage families to communicate with their friends about the possibility of enrolment at Pacific Hills.

We need to be reminded always to pray for our community. As we trust in God for all areas of our lives and through prayer we acknowledge our trust in Him and our dependency on Him, in all that we do.

OneMaker Academy (OMA)
Please continue to pray for OMA as it is having a significant impact in the School and beyond.

Dr E J Boyce