Delights and Dangers of Christian Parenting
Thankfulness for the past
As we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Pacific Hills Christian School I want to encourage us to be thankful for the past. Although we live in the present, we are moulded in many ways by the past. This means we need to be thankful for what God has done in the life of our community in the past and the people that He has used for His purposes in the work that He has given us, to do together.

I encourage parents to remind their children of the people in their past even though they may not know them for eg. grandparents, great grandparents or other significant people in their lives of the family. In this way the children are being taught to be thankful even without having connections with people from their past.

As we are being thankful for the past I want to express my thankfulness for the staff of our School, teaching, non-teaching and for each and every one of the students and for each family member. When we are being thankful we are in a much better position to love the people in our community. First of all we are thankful to God and then to others. In these ways our children will learn to have a spirit of thankfulness. Indeed in Colossians 3:15 there is a very short final sentence which says “and be thankful”.

Staff Devotions
We have been very thankful and blessed this week with hearing from our Mission teams who recently visited India and Nepal. We continue to pray for upcoming trips this year. We also thank former student, Matthew Hillier, from CMI and based in Moldova, who also spoke to us this week.

New Hope School
Please continue to pray for this wonderful relatively new part of our community. We are so thankful for the students, parents and the staff. The School Board of that community met on 14 February and approved the budget for the year which included the first stage of the car park which precedes the building of the first set of buildings in 2020. We are planning the new car park to be completed by the end of 2019. Also, please pray for ‘Meet the Teacher’ event on 19 February because we believe that God gives children to parents not to schools and therefore the partnership between parents and staff is the crucial partnership.

On Wednesday 13 February, Jessica Stone and Jeanette Nolan from Inspiring Hope visited the School to hold discussions regarding the work that they do within Christian Schools.

Appointment of New Head of Middle School
The official announcement concerning the replacement of Mr Colin Wood as Head of Middle School was made to the students this week. The new Head of Middle School is Mr Gavin Neale, a highly gifted and committed Christian School Educator. Mr Neale has spent many years in ministry here, as well as working in Kenya and Indonesia. Please pray for him as he takes on the responsibility from 11 March.

Please pray for Mr Colin Wood as he concludes his time with his on 8 March after many years of excellent service here and as he takes up his new position as Deputy Principal at Norwest Christian College.

Meetings with each new staff member
I have been delighted to meet with a number of the new staff and plan to meet with all the others over the next few weeks. As I meet with them I am thankful that God has called them to be a part of this community. Each one has indicted that they have a strong sense of belonging.

Year Group Meetings
I’ve enjoyed visiting with Year Groups over the last few weeks. It’s a special time for me with the reading of books to the younger students and telling stories to the older students.

Swimming Carnivals
Our Swimming Carnivals were held this week and were a great success enjoyed by all students and staff.

New Staff Induction
Our New Staff Induction program commenced Monday 4 February and will continue fortnightly until Monday 1 April. This program includes non-teaching staff and teaching staff.

40th Anniversary Celebrations
We continue to look forward to this special occasion with celebrations being held throughout the year. We will be promoting the plans and preparations for these series of events in the coming weeks.

Pacific Hills Christian School and New Hope School Fun Day
In 2019 in lieu of the School Fair and because of the many other celebratory activities with our 40th Anniversary, we are holding a Fun Day on Friday 12 April.

Meeting at Grace Point Church
On 11 February I had the privilege to meet with about 40 pastors and Church Leaders of Chinese Churches in Sydney. I was invited to speak about Christian Education and particularly about Pacific Hills Christian School and New Hope School. It was a wonderful privilege to be there in fellowship with them.

Appointment of Assistant Lead Principal, Dr Ian O’Harae
To assist Dr Tina Lamont and her responsibilities as Lead Principal of Regional Schools, we have appointed Dr Ian O’Harae as Assistant Lead Principal. Dr O’Harae commences service with us on 25 February. His background includes Principal at St George Christian School for ten years and being a Church Pastor and most recently the Dean for Academic and Regional Development at Morling College. Please pray for him in his new responsibility.

Regional Principals’ and Directors’ Gathering
Please pray as our Regional Principal Gathering is being held, meeting together for dinner Monday 18 February and then at Pacific Hills Christian School on Tuesday 19 February. Throughout the day, there will be presentations given including Mr Brian Cox who is our Director of School Leadership.

Pacific Brook Christian School
Please pray for this new addition to our Group of Schools from 2018. The School has almost doubled in numbers since operations commenced last year. There are 47 students so please pray for the Board of the School, which held its recent meeting on 15 February. The School Anniversary date is 14 February and will be celebrated each year. For this year, due to the presence of the Board Members, the anniversary celebrations were held on 15 February after the Board meeting.

Pacific Coast Christian School
Please continue to pray for the School’s Acting Principal, Mr Patrick Donnelly. As the School prepares for the commencement of Middle School in 2020, please pray for the continued search for a new Principal. Please also pray for the upcoming Board Meeting being held on Friday 1 March.

Pacific Hope School
This school continues to receive a remarkable increase of enrolments with more than 55 students enrolled in the School. The Board of this School will also be meeting on Friday 1 March.

Pacific Valley Christian School
Please continue to pray for the continual growth of enrolments with the expectation of more than 340 students this year. Please pray for the Board as it meets on Thursday 28 February.

Valley Hope School
Please pray also for Valley Hope School and the Board Meeting being held on 28 February and for the continual establishment of a strong culture under the leadership of Head Teacher Mr Nathan Murray.

Visit to Pacific Coast Christian School
On 12 February Mr Colin Wood, Mr Gavin Neale and I spoke with the staff of Pacific Coast Christian School as they prepare for the introduction of the Middle School in 2020. Please pray for this process and establishment of the Middle School.

Finance Committee Meeting
This meeting held on 12 February was a reminder to me of the wonderful commitment of the members of the Finance Committee. These supporters of our Schools contribute greatly with their expertise to the preparation of budgets and the accountability of management in the operations of Pacific Hills Christian School and all our other Schools.

School Board Meetings
These meetings at Pacific Hills Christian School and New Hope School were held on 14 February. This was another opportunity for the Board to learn more of the operations of the School and to engage in decision making with regards to school budgets and other governance matters. We thank God for the Board leadership under Mr Mark McCrindle, with Deputy Chairman, Mr Max Maddock, and Treasurer, Mr Nathan Parkin.

Christian Mission International Aid Event
Please be reminded that this event will be held on Saturday 16 February, 2:30pm at Epping Gospel Chapel, 120 Carlingford Rd, Epping. All are welcome to attend to support our former Pacific Hills student, Matthew Hillier, the founder of this ministry.

Devotions at Yurana House and at Carinya House
Staff of our School regularly lead the devotions at each of these Retirement Villages. Personally, I am involved on a weekly basis at Yurana House, Cherrybrook. When I am absent other staff take my place and on a monthly basis four of our staff provide devotions at Carinya House, Glenhaven.

Visit to Australia by Franklin Graham
Franklin Graham will be visiting Sydney as part of his Australia Tour this month. He will be in Sydney at the ICC, Darling Harbour on Saturday 23 February and Sunday 24 February at 7:30pm. This event is free of charge and all are welcome. Click here for further details.

Dr E Boyce