Delights & Dangers of Christian Parenting
Increasingly, I am aware of the need for us to teach perseverance to our children and at the same time, to be good examples of perseverance in our own lives.
We need to keep on, keeping on, in doing what we believe to be important. When our children see this, they are likely to follow.

Our School Community
We appreciate the prayers and support of school families since the tragic accident last the weekend involving a school family. The Senior School have spent time with students in the grades affected and in a situation like this increased counselling support is available. The whole school community hurts with loss like this – students, staff and families – and we continue to pray for everyone affected.

Mr Craig Robson
We have been delighted to welcome back Mr Craig Robson, after his two weeks of study at Regent College, Vancouver. Mr Robson found this time away to be of great value, in understanding better, how to show our Christian faith in our work place.

Staff Devotions
This week, our staff have had the privilege of hearing from Mrs Amanda Fitzsimmons, Mrs Jenni Liney and Miss Rebecca Robins from Junior School. We are also grateful for Mr Craig Robson sharing and reflecting on his recent study at Regent College, Vancouver.

On Wednesday 13 June, I had the pleasure of meeting with Mr Tony George, Headmaster of The King’s School and former staff member of Pacific Hills. We also had the privilege of another visit from Mr Brian Cox, an excellent Christian educator and presenter.

New Hope School (NHS)
We have been receiving a number of new applications for New Hope School for 2019. We are excited at the increasing enrolments. Please continue to pray for this School.

Our architects and leadership team of the School are currently considering the Masterplan for the future buildings and facilities. Please pray for this project.

Year 5 classes
Please pray for the progress of adding an extra Year 5 class, most of the process has been completed and we look forward to the additional class in Term 3.

Africa Mission
Please pray for Mr McConnell and Mr Lawler as they lead this mission team in the next school holidays to Tanzania and Kenya.

Vanuatu Mission
This week, I had the privilege of interviewing 13 of our Year 12 students. It was wonderful to learn from the students of their desire to conclude their time at Pacific Hills through this act of service to the people of Vanuatu.

Year Groups meetings
Again, I have had a wonderful time in recent days with Prep and Year 7 students.

Transform the Nation (TTN) in Nepal and Myanmar
Please pray for this ministry as we seek to help the venerable and needy through training in Christian education and other forms of service.

Pacific Brook Christian School (PBCS)
Please continue to pray for Mr David O’Hara, the Principal and the staff of the School.

Pacific Hope School (PHS)
Please continue to pray for Mr Klaus Knobloch and the staff of this special needs School.

Pacific Coast Christian School (PCCS)
Please continue to pray for Mr Darren Dick and the leadership team of this School.

Valley Hope School (VHS)
Please pray for the Head Teacher of this school, Mrs Liz Latham as she is gradually recovering from her concussion from many weeks ago.

Pacific Valley Christian School (PVCS)
Please continue to pray for Mr Scott Logan and the leadership team of this School.

School Musical
We are currently close to finalising our plan for the School Musical for 2019. Please pray for this process and wisdom in the choice of musical.

Term dates from 2019
We are planning to end Term 4 in future years, 1 week earlier than we have done in the past. In the next few weeks, I will advise the implications of this, including the benefits to School families with regard to travel including our missions and service program, and family cost reductions in December each year.

2019 Subject Selection Evening
I am thankful for the availability of so many staff to show our School families this process of subject selection for the following year.

High Tea
This event held on Thursday 14 June was a great success. I am thankful to the staff for organising this event and their commitment to our School.

School Photo Days
On Tuesday 5 June and Friday 15 June, students and staff posed for our annual School photos. This event is always a special calendar date for our School community.

Staff Wedding
On Sunday 17 June, Mr Chris Petschack will be marrying Miss Lauren McDougall. Please pray for them in their marriage.

Dr E J Boyce