Delights and Dangers of Christian Parenting
At this time of the school year with Year 12 graduating, it is a reminder for us to be thankful to God for the many blessings He gives to us including the great privilege of being a community of Christian faith in assisting students and their families in understanding truth and grace in action.

I have taken the opportunity with our graduating students to encourage them to express their thankfulness to family and significant others in their lives. It is good for us to teach our children to be thankful and the best way to do this is to be an example ourselves.

End of Term 3
Term 3 has gone very well for our School community and it is a reminder to us that the end of the term for teaching, learning and serving has come. It also reminds us that we should take advantage of any opportunity we have in serving our community with our full effort and commitment.

Year 12 Final Week
This week has been very special for the students’ families and staff of our graduating students from a walk to McDonalds for ice cream that I share with students each year, to activities with Year 12 together including assemblies, outings, walking through the Guard of Honour and the Graduation Dinner, which all contribute to our community life here at Pacific Hills.

The farewell by their fellow students and staff are a reminder to us that we belong together and that we accept and care for one another. This is a very special experience.

Year 12 Final Assembly
This event on Thursday 27 September was a special time of reflection, thankfulness and anticipation of God’s plan for our future both individually and as a community. We are thankful for all the family members and others who attended to join the staff and students.

Please for our Year 12 and some Year 11 students as they finalise their studies in preparation for their exams in October and November.

Middle School ‘Thank You Week’
This event each year is special for our School life. The staff and students take up the opportunity to be thankful for many who impacted us through service as a community and as individuals. For example, thankfulness was given to the police, fire brigade, ambulance officers, members of the local Government including the Mayor of Hornsby, Mr Philip Ruddock. I appreciate the willingness and commitment of our Middle School community for reflecting the thankfulness of all of God’s blessings to our School.

Outback Mission
I am reminded while interviewing a large number of our students for this mission in April next year, of the wonderful quality and commitment to service of so many students.

School Fair
We are thankful to Mr Brad Ptolemy and the many other helpers who contributed to the 2018 School Fair being a really special time of community fellowship and raising of funds for our School. We are very thankful to God for the beautiful day He gave to us on that day.

Meningococcal Vaccine
As our community would have noted, the Government is providing a meningococcal vaccine for all young Australian people aged from 14 to 19 years old. I encourage all families to follow up on this offer from the Government.
For me this is particularly important, as the wife of a close friend has suffered debilitating impacts of this disease. In her case, her Christian faith is strong and she comforts and shows love to all people she meets.

I trust that all members of the school community will enjoy a break from routine and a time of refreshment and renewal, and that everyone is kept safe.

During this holiday period our mission team is in Romania and they will also participate in the Global Christian Schools Network Gathering there.
GCSN is hosted by Pacific Hills every two years in different parts of the world and on this occasion we will fellowship with almost one hundred leaders from Christian schools globally to share and learn from each other in order to support each other in the future in service through mission. Please pray for this Gathering and the student mission.

Staff Devotions
This week our staff were blessed to hear presentations from four of our Year 12 students, who shared heart felt gratitude for their teachers, who had faithfully nurtured them academically and spiritually.
We also has the privilege of the Malani family sharing their thankfulness to God and their special relationship with Pacific Hills for two decades. They have had six children come to Pacific Hills and their youngest Emmaline graduates this year. We entrust them to God’s care and love.

This week, our School had the privilege of hosting a number of special guests, Mr Dave Pauling, Principal of Richmond View School New Zealand, Mr Tim Kuipers, Principal of Ashburton Christian School, Mr Philip Ruddock, Mayor of Hornsby, Mr Peter Bickerton, Project Manager of Bickerton Masters and Dr Geoff Newcombe, Chief Executive of Association of Independent Schools.

Return of Mr Waters
We are very thankful for the safe return of Mr Andrew Waters from his mission of serving in Poland of the development of the Team Ranch site. This building project is designed to reach the youth of Poland with the Christian message though programs and activities that are of particular relevance to them.

New Hope School (NHS)
Please pray for new enrolments and the related staff increases for this Special School on our site.

Pacific Brook Christian School (PBCS)
Please continue to pray for this school at Muswellbrook as we continue to search for an appropriate site for future growth of School.

Pacific Coast Christian School (PCCS) / Pacific Hope School (PHS)
Please pray for these two schools at Tweed Heads, the Assistant Principal of Pacific Coast, Mr Patrick Donnelly and the Director of Pacific Hope, Mr Klaus Knobloch who are currently visiting a number Christian schools in Europe on their way to the Global Christian Schools Network Gathering in Romania.
Please pray also for the number of new staff who have been appointed to each School and for the leadership of the Schools.

Pacific Valley Christian School (PVCS) / Valley Hope School (VHS)
Please pray for these two schools, led by Mr Scott Logan, the Principal, as he is preparing to attend the Global Christian Schools Network Gathering in Romania. This will be an opportunity for Mr Logan to have fellowship with other Christian educational leaders committed to mission through schools. Please also pray for the new Head Teacher of Valley Hope School, Mr Nathan Murray as he takes over that responsibility next year. We are very thankful for the significant increase of enrolments for Valley Hope School.

Start of Term 4
Term 4 starts on Tuesday 16 October. The day before that is a staff professional development day. We look forward to several new families starting at that time.

Value and importance of Christian Education
I would like to encourage members of our School community to reflect on the importance of having staff with beliefs and assumptions to reflect the teachings of the Bible because each staff member has faith in Christ, as the foundation in our community.

Masterplan and New Hope School Plan
As mentioned last week, the Board has approved the Masterplan going forward for Pacific Hills and the first stage of the plan for New Hope School.

Budgets Approved for 2019
The outcomes of the approval of the Budgets for 2019 will be advised to the School community in the near future. A letter will be sent to all School families from the Chairman and myself.

Dr E J Boyce