Delights & Dangers of Christian Parenting
Faith in God and in one another
The Bible teaches us that the first and most important requirement that He has of us, is that we have faith in Him, through believing in His Son as our Saviour and Lord. As a result of that faith, we live lives of love by living the truth that God has revealed and, in showing grace and mercy to all.
In living lives in families and other communities such as neighbourhood or church, we need to have faith in one another, that is trusting one another and showing our love and kindness and sharing truth of each other.

It is important that we teach the new generation that faith in God is the most important decision in their lives and that faith in one another will build up the quality of our lives, as well as those around us.


Middle School Parent / Teacher Interviews
This event held on Thursday 16 August was a great success. We are grateful for the wonderful partnership with have with the School parents and; we are thankful to staff for their time and commitment to this event.

Pacific Hills Open Day
We are thankful for the student leaders and staff who contributed to a wonderful Open Day on Wednesday 15 August, especially Mrs Marie-Louise FitzGerald and Miss Wendy Moran who coordinated this successful event.

New Hope School Open Day
On Thursday 16 August, this delightful small school hosted a successful Open Day. We are thankful to the staff, Mrs Marie-Louise FitzGerald, Miss Wendy Moran and Mr Dianne Dowson, Director of New Hope School, and all who participated in this event.

New Enrolments
We continue to receive new students into our School and we are thankful. I find it to be delightful to share the vision of our School with parents who are considering enrolment here. It is always good to hear of their story of coming to visit us, which is almost invariably a result of the commendation of others of the School.

Year Group Meetings
This week I had the privilege of speaking with the students in Prep and Year 2 and enjoyed greatly my interaction with them.

On 15 August, we had our Masterplanning meeting with our architects, Mr Paul Watkins, Mr Geoff Walker and our senior staff. This team is a highly professional group of people who have been gifted by God; to prepare buildings, spaces and landscaping, that will be functional and attractive and which we will celebrate together.

This week we had the privilege of hosting Mrs Felicity Marlow, Deputy Principal of Norwest Christian College and Mr Paul Campey, Senior Partner with Resolve Consulting; Mr Geoff Deane, Architect from Noel Bell Ridley Smith Architecture and Mr Paul Watkins, a special consultant for our Masterplanning; and Mrs Andrea Hellyer, International Student Advisor from St Philip’s Christian College in Gosford.

Chinese Delegation
On Monday, we hosted a delegation of 27 visitors from China; these visitors were in senior positions in schools and in school districts. We were able to share the Christian message and how we integrate our faith with education. We are thankful for this opportunity to host these visitors.

Staff Devotions
Our staff had the privilege to hear God’s Words of encouragement from Pastor David O’Connor, Lead Pastor of New Hope Church in Kellyville and, challenged by Mr Daniel Chew and Mr Philip Young from the Science Department. We are very grateful to have Dr Cedric Gibbs, our School’s Patron of Mission, expound the Book of Jeremiah.

Regional Principals' Gathering
On Tuesday 14 August, we hosted the Director of Pacific Hope School and the Principals of Pacific Coast Christian School, Pacific Valley Christian School and Pacific Brook Christian School. During that day, we had input from Dr Steve Bagi and Mr Brian Cox. It is special for us to have fellowship with and share in understanding Christian education with others from our Group of Schools.

40th Anniversary Celebrations
Much planning is going into these events and as I have previously advised, we would be pleased to receive suggestions and ideas from members of our School community.

New Hope School
Please continue to pray for this school, as it increases in enrolments and as we plan for a new building for this school.

Pacific Brook Christian School
Please pray for this school, as the Board members will meet for the first time on Thursday 6 September. Please also pray for our planned acquisition of new land for a new school site.

Pacific Coast Christian School
It was good to be involved in the Board meeting last Friday, as we considered the happenings of that school and their commitment to serving the local community and beyond.

Pacific Hope School
The Board meeting on Friday last, was very successful, as we reflected on God’s goodness to that school community including the high level of government support and the dramatic increase in enrolments.

Pacific Valley Christian School
Please continue to pray for Mr Scott Logan and the rest of the staff, as they continue to build up this growing school.

Valley Hope School
Please continue to pray for this school at Maclean, as enrolments are steadily increasing and as we look for new staff.

Visit by Brian Cox
This week we had the privilege of a visit by Mr Brian Cox, an eminent Christian educator who has a great impact internationally. He has been working here and in our other Schools. We are thankful for Brian and his wife Maureen who were able to share with School parents in a seminar on Christian parenting on Wednesday 15 August.

Teach the Bible in Schools
This week we are meeting with a key component of this new ministry, as we have been approached about helping to develop curriculum material for teaching the Bible in public schools in New South Wales.

Sue and Erich Gasser
Please continue to pray for Mrs Sue and Mr Erich Gasser, as they settle into their new ministry in Moldova to establish a new Christian school for the community of Christian Mission International (CMI).

Visit to Dr John Collier at St Andrew’s Cathedral School
On Friday 17 August, I had the pleasure of visiting Dr John Collier, Principal of St Andrew’s Cathedral School.

Visit last week to Chatswood
Last week Mr Chris Baldry and I had the privilege of visiting the Chinese International Christian School in Chatswood; this is an interesting school, which provides 80 percent of the curriculum in the Chinese language.

Dr E J Boyce