Delights and Dangers of Christian Parenting
Reflections on the School Year
During this school year, we have seen a significant growth in enquiries for enrolment as parents have come to the understanding that it is becoming increasing difficult to gain enrolment because of waiting lists on several grades. The School culture is continuing to grow strongly in teaching, learning and serving.

It has been great to observe the strong quality of student leadership as the Student Leaders set an example for the rest of the School community. There have been many changes in the School facilities, for which we are thankful. We very thankful for the parent volunteers who serve the School so faithfully and well.

Freedom of Religion and Non-Government Schools
As we understand from the media, the Government is deliberating on a Policy System that will allow the possibility of loss of choice by parents who desire to have authentic Christian education for their children.

Early in 2019, I expect to encourage parents to contact MPs and Senators with their views on the importance for Christian schools having the capacity to employ staff with the same faith as the position of the school.

Hannah’s New Entry
We are thankful that finally the outside entrance of Hannah’s is completed. I would encourage School members to note this addition to our School facility as you drive or walk pass.

Year 8 Graduation Dinner
This event on 5 December was a wonderful gathering of parents, staff and students. The food was excellent and the company special.

Year 4 Graduation Assembly
This event held on 5 December was a wonderful time of thankfulness to God for the staff, students and the program of education that is provided in Junior School.

Junior School Christmas Assembly
This event was a wonderful opportunity for students and their families to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and to remind us that the way to worship God is by accepting His Son as our Saviour.

Duke of Edinburgh trip to New Zealand
Please pray for our Gold Duke of Edinburgh students as they travel from 8 - 22 December under the leadership of Mr Colin Lees and Mrs Bronwyn O’Neil, accompanied also by Mrs Marie-Louise FitzGerald and Mrs Karen Smith.

Retirement of Jenny Parsons, and Continuing Role
We are thankful for the ministry for more than 20 Years of Mrs Jenny Parsons; she has impacted greatly on many Senior School and Middle School students.

We are thankful that she plans to continue to stay within our School Community by mentoring new staff as they adjust to life at Pacific Hills.

Staff Devotions
This week our staff enjoyed presentations from Joshua Young, former Year 12 Student, Mr Colin Lees regarding Duke of Edinburgh and Mr Thomas Smith, TEC Consultant. Also, we enjoyed reflections by Year 12 students and staff from their Vanuatu Mission trip.

This week I had the privilege of a dinner meeting with Mr Peter Draper, former Board Member and a lunch meeting with Dr Cedric Gibbs our School’s Patron of Mission.

Year Group Meetings
This week I was delighted to meet and speak with Year 2 and Year 7.

Parents' Fellowship
I attended briefly a delightful gathering of this group who coordinate many of the planned activities of our School.

Mr Max Maddock
Please continue to pray for Mr Max Maddock, Deputy Chair of our Board and the Chairman of the Pacific Regional Schools’ Boards. Mr Maddock has returned home to Melbourne after open-heart surgery and is recovering well. We thank God for Mr Maddock and his great service to our Schools’ Boards.

Use of MPC and PAC at Weekends
For several weekends, these venues have hosted events for a number of community groups. We provide this opportunity for groups to use our facilities, partly because of the requirement from Government through its funding of buildings that communities should be allowed to use them but primarily this is our attempt to be neighbourly and to be inclusive of our local community.

Meeting with Mr Matt Kean
On Thursday 13 December we are expecting a visit from Mr Matt Kean, a local Member of State Parliament immediately prior and as an honoured guest at our Presentation Evening event.

Mrs Annette Cadwallader
Please pray for Mrs Annette Cadwallader, the Director of One Maker Academy, as she is unwell and away from school for the rest of this year.

OneMaker Academy Dance
This recent event was a wonderful display of the tremendous quality and growth in numbers of this ministry of our School. The work of Miss Ashley Brown and her fellow workers was greatly appreciated by the very large crowd, which attended.

Staff from Freie Evangelische Schule (FES) Stuttgart, Germany on Outback Mission
Two staff members of Freie Evangelische Schule (FES) Stuttgart, Germany have joined the planned Outback Mission for 2019. During their visit, they are planning to spend time at Pacific Hills, New Hope School and also some of our Regional Schools.

Mr Dick Smith
On Sunday 2 December, the well-known businessman and philanthropist Mr Dick Smith, landed his helicopter on the western oval of the School, as he arrived in the area to speak to a parent community group on Quarry Road. I was pleased to meet with Mr Smith; he was very appreciative of the availability of our space.

Quarry Lane Rules for Parking
We would like to encourage all our School parents and students that parking in Quarry Lane has created significant issues for neighbours. Hornsby Council is planning to place “No Parking” signs on one side of that road because the current parking on both sides by Pacific Hills members has created difficulties for neighbours and some damage to cars. Please be good citizens for the sake of our relationship with our neighbours.

Communication with our Community
It is important for us to maintain transparent and open communication with our neighbours on changes that are happening or might happen or plan to happen on our property.

Visit to Mt Evelyn Christian School
On Friday 7 December, a number of staff from New Hope School, Pacific Coast Christian School and Pacific Hope School lead by Dr Tina Lamont visited Mt Evelyn Christian School as an act of fellowship. A number of Christian schools in Melbourne are planning to establish schools such as New Hope School on their campuses.

New Hope School
We are continuing to receive more applications for enrolments also; we are currently interviewing new staff for the additional students including special support staff such as Occupational Therapist and Counsellor. Under the new masterplan for our property, we are looking forward with excitement to the building of the New Hope School facilities.

New Hope School Graduation Dinner
The Graduation Dinner for the Hope School was to honour Heather Metcalfe, staff, parents and students as they celebrated together.

New Hope School Certificate Assembly
This event on Tuesday 4 December was a precious and special time of seeing the growth in the students, the wonderful care of staff and, the great commitment of families and other members. We are so thankful to God for New Hope School.

Pacific Coast Christian School
Please continue to pray for Pacific Coast Christian School and its leadership including the Board members. Recently we have been interviewing for new staff and new applications for enrolment.

Pacific Hope School
Please pray for this school community with some changes to its building and additional staff for 2019.

Pacific Valley Christian School
We have been interviewing for new staff who are needed because of the increase of enrolment in the School. In addition, we are transporting new bathrooms to the site. Please pray for this process.

Valley Hope School
Please pray for this small and growing school under the leadership of Mr Nathan Murray. It is probable that the School will double in numbers from the beginning of 2018 to the beginning of 2019. Therefore, we will need additional staff and plans for new facilities.

Pacific Brook Christian School
Please pray for Pacific Brook Christian School with the employment of new staff and the investigation for new property and facilities. On 6 December, Mr Gavin Neale and I talked with staff and the parent body regarding the planned introduction of Middle School in 2019.

End of Year Events
Presentation Evenings

  • Pacific Hills Christian School / New Hope School – Thursday 13 December
  • Pacific Coast Christian School / Pacific Hope School – Wednesday 12 December
  • Pacific Valley Christian School / Valley Hope School – Tuesday 11 December
  • Pacific Brook Christian School – Monday 10 December

Certificate Assemblies

  • Junior School – Tuesday 11 December
  • Middle School – Wednesday 12 December
  • Senior School – Monday 10 December

Christmas Carol Night – Monday 10 December

Final Day of 2018 School Year
The last day of School is Thursday 13 December; we hope everyone has a wonderful and refreshing holiday season.

Dr E J Boyce