Delights and Dangers of Christian Parenting
Wellbeing for All
As I have shared previously it is important for us as a Christian School Community to care for one another. We do this because God cares for us. This sense of wellbeing in our community is a reflection of God’s grace to us and the way in which members here show grace to others. When we live in an environment where grace is normal, we are living with a sense of wellbeing. We want to encourage all members of our School community, children and adults to display this characteristic of living life God’s way.

Easter Event
On Friday 12 April we celebrated Easter as a School community. We were blessed by the teaching of Mr Paul Kellaway, a former student who is now one of the Youth Pastors of Hillsong Church. Easter is a very special time for Christians as it is a time of highlighting and celebrating the death, burial and resurrection of our Saviour. I encourage all members of our school community to attend special Easter services at Church during this special season.

Morning Tea with Junior School Captains
On Monday 8 April I had a delightful time with the Captains and Vice Captains of our Junior School along with Mrs Mylonas and Miss Robbins. We enjoyed sharing this time together over morning tea.

Senior School Community Service
On Wednesday 10 April Senior School Students and staff served together in more than 20 locations around Sydney.

Fun Day
On Friday 12 April, this day was an opportunity for our School community to celebrate God’s goodness to us. Throughout the day we were able to enjoy fun together and to celebrate the history of the School and to enjoy sausages and drinks together.

40th Anniversary Celebrations
As we continue to look forward to celebrating this special Anniversary, please be reminded of the following dates:
18-19 May – Weekend of Celebrations at the School
21 May – School Anniversary Worship Service
23 May – Anniversary Dinner

Mission Trips
As the Mission teams prepare to depart this Sunday 14 April, please continue to pray for them over the coming days.
14 - 24 April Nepal Mission - led by Miss Emily Carruthers
14 - 24 April Outback Mission - led by Mr Christopher Petschack
14 - 27 April Paraguay Mission - led by Mr Paul McConnell

We are continuing to receive a large number of applications for enrolment as the interest in our School continues to be strong. However, I would encourage potential applicants to our School to contact the Enrolments Office to ensure the greatest likelihood of enrolment.

Christian Education Development Program (CEDP) Teams
This week we welcomed home Dr Tina Lamont from South Africa and Dr Ian O’Harae and Mr Klaus Knobloch from Europe. On 14 April a Christian Education Development Program team comprising of Mrs Melissa Razey, Mr Colin Lees and Mr David O’Hara will be serving Christian Teachers in Christian Schools in Nepal for ten days. Please pray for them.

Staff Devotions
This week I had the privilege of sharing Devotions with our staff as well as praying for the various Mission teams that depart on Sunday 14 April. We were also blessed and thankful for Mr Lee Pratt, Property Team Manager who also shared with us.

Parents’ Fellowship
On Tuesday 9 April a time of fellowship and worship for parents was held here at the School. This was a great time of sharing and fellowship together and we thank Mr Bil Ghali for leading and organising this event.

Interviews with Students for Cambodia Trip
This week I had the privilege of meeting a number of enthusiastic students and staff as they plan to serve in Cambodia during the October School holidays.

Thanks to Property Staff
We must celebrate the work of our property team as they serve so consistently and so well. Please pray for the team over the holiday period as they prepare the property for our special events in term two. Mr Lee Pratt and his team are a highly valued part of our community.

Thanks to Board
I was reminded at the Board Retreat on 5 & 6 April, of the great value that our Board Members contribute to the ministry of our School. Please pray for Mr Mark McCrindle, Board Chairman, Mr Max Maddock, Deputy Chairman and Mr Nathan Parkin, Treasurer, and all other Board members including our Business Manager, Mr Chris Baldry.

School Holidays
Please note School holidays commence on Monday 15 April. On 29 April a Professional Development Day will be held for our staff. Students will commence Term Two on Tuesday 30 April.

Anzac Day Service
On Tuesday 30 April the first day of Term Two, we will be holding an Anzac Day Service at 11:00am here at the School. We would like to extend a welcome and encourage all parents and friends of the School to attend this occasion.

Pacific Coast Christian School
Please prayer for Pacific Coast Christian School. On Thursday 11 April, we celebrated the appointment of Mr Patrick Donnelly as the new Principal by holding a Commissioning Service at the School. Also announced on that day was the appointment of the Assistant Principal, Mr Gavin Nancarrow.

Pacific Hope School
Please continue to pray for this School. For the past two weeks the Director Mr Klaus Knobloch has been serving with Christian Schools in Poland, France and Germany.
We are thankful that the Assistant Director Mr Kyle La Marre was able to maintain the operation of the School in a strong manner.

Pacific Valley Christian School
Please pray for Mr Scott Logan, Principal and the rest of the staff as they complete Term One together.

Valley Hope School
Please pray for the Head Teacher, Mr Nathan Murray and his team as they serve the growing community of Valley Hope School.

Pacific Brook Christian School
Please pray for the Principal, Mr David O’Hara and his excellent team of staff as they serve the growing School community. Please pray also for additional facilities to be established and the purchase of a new property.

New Hope School
We continue to be thankful for Mrs Dianne Dowson and the team of staff. Please pray also for the process going forward for the building of a new School facility for New Hope School.

Dr E Boyce