Middle School - Term 4, Week 7, 2018

Year 6 Maths Stalls
Well done to all of the students in Year 6 for the fun and food of the Year 6 Maths Stalls yesterday. Thank you to the teachers and students for organising this fun and thank you also to the parents for their support of this event with money and time invested in each child’s stall. Money raised goes to “Compassion Australia – Gifts of Compassion” and “a Fiver for a Farmer”.

Class Christmas Gifts – Angel Tree
Students have been encouraged to bring in a few dollars each in their Home Room to buy a gift for Angel Tree. This program works by people (in our case each Home Room) purchasing a gift for children who have a parent in prison. The parent suggests a gift that they feel may be suitable for their child and we purchase it for them and write that it is from the parent.
The intention of this is for children in Middle School to realise one of the many blessings that they have in life simply in having family around and a family routine that communicates love at Christmas time. I trust that this is a time for each of us to learn more of our blessings.

Graduation Dinner – Farewell Year 8 2018
We are looking forward to this event next Wednesday evening. We will have nearly 300 people together in the MPC for the completion of Middle School for the class of 2018. This is a special occasion for families and as a Middle School staff we really look forward to a time of reflection with students and parents – they are growing up well and so quickly...
There is so much that goes into this event and I have seen the Year 8 team of teachers as well as numerous other staff work hard to prepare a great night.
Also, we want to thank God for each student in this grade and the work that is happening in them and the blessings He has given them.

Events in the last week of the year
Each grade will have a different timetable in the last week of the year some with slight adjustments and others with significant change. Please read the information that will be provided by Year Advisors and Home Room Teachers.

Carols Evening
Our Carols event will be held on Monday 10 December. This is a great family time that will have many students from Middle School involved as well as hundreds of people singing along together on the oval. There will be a BBQ, food and drinks available.

Mr Colin Wood
Head of Middle School

Dates for your Diary
4 December 5/6 HOPA Concert
5 December Year 8 Graduation
10 December PHCS Carols Evening
11 December Year 8 Aquatic Centre
12 December Certificate Assembly
13 December Last day
Presentation Night