Middle School - Term 3, Week 7, 2017

RUOK? Day Assembly next Thursday
Next Thursday will be RUOK? Day and we will be having an event for Middle School students organised by the Middle School Captains. RUOK? encourages simple steps to connecting with people

  1. Ask
  2. Listen
  3. Encourage action
  4. Check in

We will encourage students to notice and care for others. I encourage all people in our community (actually, all of the communities that we feel we belong to) to acknowledge that not everything feels “awesome” all of the time and that we should be comfortable with that and seek to support ourselves and others in these times.

We will also spend some time in discussing with students that they shouldn’t be dealing with other people’s issues, instead they should be supporting them.

It is essential that parents, other adults and qualified support people provide support to someone in need.

I encourage parents to visit this link for useful advice www.ruok.org.au/how-to-ask

It has been good for our students to participate in the NAPLAN Readiness assessments this week. We are more familiar with the software and the potential issues that may arise as we administer the NAPLAN assessments in the online format next year. Students and parents will not receive their results from these assessments, in fact the questions were copies from the assessment in May of this year.

Year 7 Seminars
Students in Year 7 have had seminars this week on the topics of “Puberty and Personal Development” as well as “Study Skills”. We have strived to create awareness and positive attitudes and habits that will help your children into the future. It will be very useful for parents to discuss the content of these seminars. This was also done to support students prior to their exams in Week 3 of Term Four for Years 7 and 8.

Thank You Week
Thank You Week 2017 is in week 9. Please ask your children who they would like to thank and a meaningful way to say thank you – it could be grandparents, neighbours, sports coaches, pastors, anyone.

Here is a brief outline of the events planned for Thank You Week although we will present students with other opportunities of thanking those who serve them.


Special Assembly


Year 6 Julian Leeser MP visit


Year 5 Caste Hill Fire and Emergency


Year 7 NSW Ambulance Service


Year 8 Eastwood Police

Mr Colin Wood
Head of Middle School

Dates for your Diary

18-22 September

Thank You Week

21 September

Final Day for Year 12 2017

22 September  

Final Day of Term Three

10 October

First Day of Term Four

23-27 October

Year 7 and 8 Exams

29 November

Year 8 Graduation Dinner

20 November

2018 Middle School Orientation