Parent/Teacher Interviews
Parent/Teacher interviews will be held on the evening of Thursday 22 August. Information on making bookings has now been sent to parents via email. Teachers are looking forward to this time of discussing the progress of students under their care.

Communication during School Camps
There were a number of students on the recent Year 8 camp who took their mobile phones. We have reviewed our rationale regarding students bringing phones on camps and how we communicate with parents regarding our anticipated return time. Beginning next year we intend to SMS parents on the last day of camp to notify them of our expected return time as well as continuing to communicate it in the permission note and through social media.

We are happy to discuss any concerns that parents have by not being able to directly communicate with their children on a camp and we will continue to review how we do things as we hear what will be most useful for parents and students.

Students will not be permitted to bring a mobile phone on any Middle School camp and we will continue to use other methods of communication such as providing the phone number of the camp site as well as parents being able to email staff.

What happens when people are tired?
It has been clear this week that a number of students are tired based on the emotion displayed (sadness, anger, etc.) in interactions with their peers and staff. I strongly encourage more sleep for children. I know that I struggle to maintain patience when I am tired and that more sleep means I am more patient and generally happier.

I encourage parents to consider the patterns of sleep of children and to consider how to make things easier for children to get more sleep in the midst of the busy schedules that families keep.

Mr Gavin Neale
Head of Middle School

Dates for Your Diary
22 August Parent Teacher Interviews
23 August Box Car Rally
5 September Year 6 CARES Excursion (6E & 6K)
11 September  Middle School Father’s Night
12 September Year 6 CARES Excursion (6L & 6S)
13 September Year 5 Breakfast, 7:30 – 8:30am
16 September Year 5 Featherdale Wildlife Park Excursion
20 September Year 6 Q Station Excursion
23-27 September Thank You Week