Year 6 Camp
Children are to arrive at 6:45am on Wednesday 28 June to board the buses for Canberra for the Year 6 Camp (please arrive promptly). Students are to wear full winter uniform to school as we will be attending Federal Parliament as well as the War Memorial on the Wednesday.
Please pray for us on this trip – I always come away from Year 6 Camp feeling blessed to live in a nation with a strong Christian heritage with real freedom. It is also a privilege to communicate this with the students.

History – what’s your story?
Next week is History Week with events planned for many grades across the week. I encourage parents to discuss with their children how they can see God has been present and active in the history of their family. As children in the middle years develop a broader perspective of others and the world it will also be good for them to develop an understanding of how God is in charge – all of the time.

Middle School Office
Please be in prayer for Mrs Howard who has injured her knee.

ROCKonline – a guide for students when posting or reading

Does it ROCK for others?

  • Does this respect others? - is it telling the truth? Does it need to be said?
  • Am I obeying the rules set for me? - from parents, the law and the School
  • How can I be courteous? - have I said this in the best way?
  • Am I kind online? - how do I make the effort to love others?

Read again before you send and make the choice to ROCK

Does it ROCK for me?

  • Does this respect me? - is it telling the truth? Am I able to make my own choices?
  • Does this obey online rules? - from parents, the law and the School
  • Is courtesy being shown to me? - Does it need to be said? Are they thinking about my feelings?
  • Is it kind? - be part of conversation that shares love

If it doesn’t ROCK tell your parents

Mr Colin Wood
Head of Middle School

Dates for your Diary

27 June

Year 7 Excursion to the Sydney Aquarium

27 June

Year 5 Australian Colonisation Day

28 June

Year 8 Medieval Day

29 June

Year 7 Ancient Egypt Day

29-30 June

Year 6 Camp

30 June

Box Car Rally 1:30pm-3pm (Middle School Oval)

30 June

Last day of Term Two

24 July

First day of Term Three

31st July-4 Aug

Year 8 Camp