Thank You
Thank you parents for your involvement in what has been a fantastic year in Middle School. Your support, both in your prayers and in your presence has been a blessing. It has been a really positive year on many levels and the students in each year group have learnt about themselves, the world and how it works and most importantly about God’s plan for and presence in their life. We pray that each of us will continue to learn through Christmas about God’s love for us through Jesus.
I’m also very thankful to the staff for doing a great job this year. The Middle School staff, both teaching and non-teaching love supporting and teaching children and it is always an encouragement to see them work and serve.

Graduation Dinner
The Graduation Dinner on Wednesday night was a fantastic night with around 250 people involved. It is a celebration of the children and their families during their time in Years 5-8. It is great to see families together reflecting on maturity and sharing future dreams in a context of love and support. Well done to Mr Waterhouse and the Year 8 Home Room Teachers as well as Mrs Howard and Mrs Selzer for organising the night. The 2017 Captains did a great job of running the evening as well and in their other areas of service as well.

Parent-Teacher Interviews
It was good to meet with parents at the interviews last week. I trust that the discussions were productive for children in preparing for 2018. Feel free to contact any teacher if you have any questions, including after the School Reports come home next week.

Staff Changes 2018
There are a number of staff changes for next year:
Mrs Parsons is reducing her part-time load after 20 years of service as a Home Room teacher at Pacific Hills. Whilst she will still be part of the Middle School her presence as a Home Room Teacher will be missed. She will still play a pastoral role for both the students and teachers in the Middle School.
Staff leaving at the end of the year include Mr Thomas, Mr Zaki and Mrs Keough. Please pray for these staff as they leave. Staff joining the Middle School are Mr Duncan and Mr Fuller, new to the school, and changing within the school are Mrs Hinchon and Miss Estacio.
Please pray for the staff involved in these changes. Also pray for the students and families who are leaving Pacific Hills at the end of the year and for those who are joining us in 2017.
We pray for a safe and happy holiday for each member of the Middle School community and that each of us can learn something new about Jesus this Christmas.

Mr Colin Wood
Head of Middle School

4 December Christmas Carols
5 December Year 8 Excursion – Homebush Aquatic Centre
6 December Certificate Assembly
7 December Last day of the year
Presentation Night, 6.15pm