Junior School - Term 2, Week 6, 2019

School Visits
I will be away next week visiting Bethlehem College and Kingsway Christian School, located in New Zealand. We have a valuable relationship with these schools and the opportunities to observe operations in other locations is always beneficial professionally, and personally. Mrs Jenny Mylonas, Assistant Head of Junior School, will oversee the Junior School in my absence.

Sean W Smith
Next Friday we will be receiving a special visit from Christian children’s entertainer, Sean W Smith. He is an excellent performer and engages the students in the Gospel message through his songs and presentations. We look forward to his performance on Friday morning.

Mrs Lynelle Campbell is an expert mathematics consultant who has been working with the staff this year. She will be visiting in Junior School next Wednesday and Thursday to observe, demonstrate and present to the staff about the teaching of Mathematics. There will be some changes to usual timetables on these days as we undergo this professional development.

Teachers are currently busy writing reports, due to be finalised and sent home by the end of this term.

Teacher Interviews
Communication between school and home is important. If you need to speak to a teacher, please book a time by contacting the teacher directly via email. Often teachers have duties after school, so these times immediately after school finishes are not always suitable for conversations. Also, please be aware of the importance of the first ten minutes of the day for teachers to settle the class. Quick conversations with teachers as the class are entering can be unhelpful, and you are likely to not have the teacher’s full attention.

Reflections from our 40th Celebrations
Over the past few weeks, many stories have been told about Pacific Hills. In some regards, it has been like turning a tapestry over for a while to take note of the threads that are woven together to form the current picture. We have reflected on stories that all have a common thread. Each person I have spoken to has shared in some way that God brought them here, and God worked in and through them at this School. It has been good to step back from the narrow focus of the present, to see that this time is one of a bigger timeline – a timeline that is greater than all of us and directed by God. We have celebrated God’s goodness and the evidence of His work is undeniable.

Mr Scott Cousins
Head of Junior School

Dates for Your Diary
10 June Public Holiday
11 June Year 2 Fagan Park Excursion
13 June Registrar’s High Tea
14 June Sean W Smith Performance