Junior School - Term 1, Week 2, 2019

Parent Information Evening – Monday 11 February, 7pm
At this evening there will be two sessions. The first will be held in the Performing Arts Centre, where I will introduce staff and speak about the programs and developments across Junior School for 2019. Following this, parents are invited to visit their child’s classroom and hear from the teacher about class specific information. This is an important evening for parents to learn about the Junior School culture and events.

New Families
We have many new students starting this year. I would like to extend a welcome to all of our new families. A special morning tea for the new students to meet the Junior School teachers will be held on Wednesday 13 February, invitations will be sent out soon.

High Fives – Positive Behaviour Plan
The High Fives will be replacing our old commendation, censures and green merit award based system. This change will roll out slowly this term as we educate the children around the changes. Information will be presented to parents on Monday night and further information will be sent to parents over the coming weeks to help you understand the changes and encourage your child at home.
The five are:

Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be a Learner
Be a Helper
Be Safe

Lost Property
We will be changing the lost property basket arrangements soon with an aim to help parents retrieve lost items. The current basket system is not working well. To assist in this, please ensure your child’s name is on any item that may go missing. If it has a name, it is far more likely to find its way back to you.

At the start of each year we assess the students using a standardised assessment tool, often known as benchmarking. To do this, each teacher must assess every child individually. We place a high value on this process both for the data provided and also for the teacher to have that valuable 1:1 time with their new class. Casual staff will teach the class when a teacher is assessing their class.

Handball Courts
The new concrete that has been laid in Junior School will be for the purposes of handball. This is a schoolyard classic game and with new courts to be painted on in the next weeks we will be seeing a higher participation level from the students. This is an exciting opportunity to engage more students in playtime activities. Over the next few days we will test out some prototype courts and get the children’s feedback as to sizing of the squares.

Sport Notes
Various notes have been emailed home this week regarding sporting activities. Please ensure that these are returned to allow for the preparation of events.

Swimming School
This year we are introducing a Swimming School for Years 3 and 4 students. This will run all year, with small groups of students attending each term. Mr Cox is providing details of this, including permission notes to be returned.

Kiss and Drop
For students in Years K – 4, kiss and drop operates until 3:30pm each day. The teachers provide instructions for the students about how to use kiss and drop safely and responsibly. It would be great for parents also to remind children from time to time.
The key points are:

  • Move straight from class to the kiss and drop area
  • Sit down under the shaded area
  • Listen for your name
  • Walk to the red line and wait for a teacher to take you to the car
  • Do not have toys or books out, as these distract from hearing your name

Please note that Prep children are not permitted at Kiss and Drop. Parents with children in Prep are required to collect their child from the Prep classroom at the end of each day. In the past exceptions may have been considered from time to time, however for the safety of the students we will not be approving exceptions to this procedure.

Mr Scott Cousins
Head of Junior School

Dates for your Diary
11 February Parent Information Night
13 February Morning Tea for New Students in Years 1-4
15 February JS Swimming Carnival