Junior School - Term 4, Week 8, 2018

Year 4 Graduation
This week we enjoyed a special assembly to celebrate the graduation of our Year 4 students. During the assembly we viewed a video of the life of this grade over the years and were reminded of the great times they have had in Junior School. Included in the video were images of the students’ past teachers. The spontaneous applause from the parents when this part of the video was shown was a real blessing to each of the teachers present at this assembly. To hear the parents saying thank you, through their genuine and loud applause meant so much. Thank you parents for this little gesture, it was greatly appreciated.

New Hope School Certificate Assembly and School Visit
The Junior School student leaders and I had the great privilege of attending the New Hope School Certificate Assembly, that was held this week. Next week the Compassion Club will be visiting New Hope School to run some activities with the students.

Year 2 into Year 3
A letter was sent this week outlining some specific areas of change that parents notice when their child moves from Year 2 into Year 3. This letter is also available online, via Pacific Go.

Reports will be posted to your home address over the coming week.

Carols Night
All Junior School students are involved in the events of the evening, please come along and enjoy the festive atmosphere and the children’s items. Please be aware that children in attendance remain under the supervision of parents. At no time should children be allowed to run around behind the stage area or move around the school premises. All children must remain within their parents supervision and will be called when their performance is needed at the start and end of the program. A letter has been sent home for you to return if you would like to collect your child early on Monday. This is not compulsory but may help some of the younger ones who will be tired without a little break.

Workbooks and Work Samples
The children will have already started bringing home various books and work from the year as the classrooms are packed up. We aim to move items gradually, rather than send everything at home on the last day.

Party Day, Wednesday 12 December
The class teachers and Parent Representatives will be making arrangements for the class parties. Each teacher has their own way of celebrating and this makes it a unique experience each year for the children.

Signing Off
I trust you have a great break from routine. May Christmas be a time of family, friends and reflecting on the amazing gift of Jesus who came to bring salvation to you and me. Happy Christmas and we will see you in 2019!

Mr Scott Cousins
Head of Junior School

Dates for your Diary
10 Dec Christmas Carols Evening
11 Dec JS Certificate Assembly
12 Dec Party and Fun Day
13 Dec Presentation Night