Grandparents and Special Friends Day, Thursday 23 August
We are looking forward to welcoming our guests next Thursday. If special disabled parking is needed to accommodate a wheel chair or due to other mobilities reasons, please contact the Junior School office so we are aware of the needs. We want ensure that our guests are able to park and get access to the assembly and classrooms.

Some children plan to leave at lunch time with their grandparents. This is acceptable, however, parents must first notify the School of this in writing. We will not allow children to leave without this note. Grandparents are not permitted to sign their children out without the written consent of the parent/guardian.

If you are able to assist with the morning tea, we would love to hear from you.

The plan for the day is:

  • 9:15- Arrive at MPC. There is a Book Stall where guests can purchase a children’s book to donate to the school library, on behalf of their grandchild.
  • 9:30 – Assembly in the MPC featuring the Junior School Staff and Student Band.
  • 10:30 – Morning Tea served in the MPC
  • 11:00 – Classroom visits
  • 12:30 – Farewell and departures

Prep Staffing Matters
Mrs Samantha Reardon started at Pacific Hills in 2012 and was actively involved in the development of the current Prep programs with Mrs Tonson. Initially working five days per week in Prep, Mrs Reardon continued working with us two days per week after having her first child. She has been on maternity leave for the past year following the birth of her second child. Mrs Reardon has worked at Pacific Hills for six years now so we are excited to see her return next week after her maternity leave.
Equally, we will surely miss Mrs Carla Brummell in the Prep area. I wish to acknowledge and thank Mrs Brummell for her excellent work over the past year. She will be continuing in her other roles in the School and I am so grateful for the work that Mrs Brummell does within our school community.
We will work to ensure a smooth transition with Mrs Reardon being present at the school on teo days prior to her start. Also, Mrs Brummell will be at school on the first day Mrs Reardon returns.

Book Week Character Parade, Friday 31st August, 9am - 10am
Traditionally we hold a dress up parade every two years. This year is a dress up year, so we encourage you to start thinking about a costume for your child. The theme for Book Week this year is ‘Find Your Treasure’. Costumes can be anything related to children’s literature. Please note that we do not accept costumes that may frighten our young students or that go against the Christian ethos of our school. Miss Francis and Mr Swaisland are coordinating the event and all of our teachers will be dressing up too – Miss Francis will have a real therapy dog as part of her costume – look out for this one! The children will not be playing with the dog, but if your child is afraid of dogs please let me know, we want it to be a fun day for all involved. The official Book Week is next week.

New Furniture
This week our Year 1 classes received their new furniture. We are so pleased to have now finished a three year renovation plan in this section of the school. We have now installed new carpets, fresh paint and colours and the furniture brings this to completion. Our students love the new layouts and the design provides a greater sense of community and collaboration. It looks great as well as being very functional.

Dom Famularo, 29 August
Dom is a world recognised ambassador of drumming, who has met and played alongside some of the world’s great musicians and has a connection with a Pacific Hills family. He will be at school on Wednesday 29 August to present to the Junior School students. He will speak and play his drums for the children and we look forward to welcoming him.

Crazy Sock Day, 29 August
On the same day as Dom Famularo visits, the Junior School Compassion Club conduct the Crazy Sock day annually. This day students are welcome to wear a pair of crazy socks in return for a gold coin donation. Funds contribute directly to the Westmead Children’s Hospital. The Compassion Club students visit the hospital later in the term to personally donate items (such as books) to the hospital on our behalf.

Mr Scott Cousins
Head of Junior School

Dates for your Diary
23 Aug Grandparents and Special Friends Day 9:15-12:30
28 Aug Boys & Girls Touch Footy
28 Aug Father’s Day Stall
29 Aug Crazy Sock Day
29 Aug Incursion with Dom Famularo (Drummer)
31 Aug Book Parade & Literature Fun day
31 Aug PRC ends (last day for parents to log books)
4 Sep Years 3 & 4 Science Incursion 
4 Sep Prep – Year 2 Athletics Day 9-11:30
5 Sep CSSA Mixed Oz Tag (selected Years 3 and 4 students)
7 Sep Father’s Day Breakfast
7 Sep JS Assembly - Year 1
10 – 14 Sep Parent, Teacher interviews
10 Sep Year 4 Japan Day
12 Sep Kindy - Taronga Zoo
20 – 21 Sep Year 3 Camp
21 Sep Assembly - Year 4
22 Sep School Fair
25 Sep Kindifarm Incursion - Dress Like a Farmer day for Kindy
25 Sep Year 3 parents visit classrooms afternoon
27 Sep Year 12 Assembly 11am
27 Sep OCC Boxes due back to school