Celebration of Learning – Wednesday 8 November
This term we will be holding a Celebration of Learning, a new event to Junior School that focusses on the learning successes of the students. On Wednesday 8 November, we will be opening classrooms from 1:20pm until the end of day and inviting parents to attend to view student work and engage with your child about the learning that has occurred this year.
On the same day, we will hold the annual Kidsmatter Picnic, which will be a low key picnic lunch in the passive area before the classrooms open for the afternoon. Parents are welcome to have lunch with their child in the passive area on this day, from 12:30 and then visit classrooms. An email invitation will be sent soon with all the details.

Welcoming and Weekly Updates
Each morning this term a number of Year 4 students will be assisting as a welcoming team at the Junior School front gate. Their role is to welcome students and parents as they enter the gate each day. The students will also provide to parents a flyer that contains details of the events for that week and a Bible-based Christmas message. I trust this initiative will add to the welcoming culture of our school as we provide our Year 4 students with opportunities to serve.

Miss Brittany Walker
Miss Walker (Kindergarten Red) has selected for an opportunity to engage in a Christian teacher exchange program later this term. Pacific Hills has a good relationship with Arche Noah School in Vienna, Austria with a number of our staff visiting there. The exchange will occur with their Kindergarten teacher, Miss Daniela. During the time Miss Walker is away we will be welcoming Miss Daniela to Junior School. She will engage with all classes in the Junior School, with a special connection to KR as part of the exchange program. This is a valuable opportunity for Miss Walker and it also will provide an opportunity for the students in Junior School to be enriched by learning about Miss Walker’s experiences and getting to know Miss Daniela.

Morning Procedures
Any student arriving before 8:00am must be enrolled into Before School Care.
The OLRC (Library) is open from 8:00am and this is the only Junior School supervised area until 8:30am. All students must be in the OLRC during this time. If you arrive with your child after 8:20am, we are happy for you to wait with your child in the passive area. We will be advising students that between 8:20am and 8:30am, students may only be in passive area with a parent, and should be seated on the silver seats with their parents. Children without parent supervision must be in the OLRC. Supervised play begins at 8:30am in the passive area. This allows us to ensure all children are in a supervised area.

  • 6:30am – 8:30am – Before School Care students are under the supervision of the BAASC coordinator.
  • 8:00am – 8:30am – All students to be in the OLRC, this is the only supervised area at this time.
  • 8:20am – 8:30am – Students with parents are permitted to wait on the silver seats in the passive area.
  • 8:30am – 8:42am – Passive Area is the supervised area for all students.

Afternoon Procedures

  • Kiss and Drop: This operates from 2:42pm until 3:30pm. If you are late, please notify the school and we will arrange care for your child. Students who are not collected, and where we have not had notification will attend After School Care (fees apply). Kindergarten students are escorted to Kiss and Drop by a teacher.
  • Prep: Parents should collect their children from the Prep classroom.
  • Bus Stop: Students who catch a bus line up in the JS bus area and are escorted to their bus by a teacher. MS and SS siblings are permitted to check in with their younger sibling and wait with them if required. JS students are not permitted to wait in the MS/SS waiting area.
  • Passive Area: Many parents collect children from the passive area. Students are asked to be sensible and to not be playing running games or ball games. This is for the safety of our students, the younger toddlers and parents with prams.
  • One Maker: Students who attend OMA lessons will be escorted by a teacher’s aide at 2:55pm to the Performing Arts Centre. Please contact the Junior School Office or OMA if you need more information about this.

We advise the children to be only in one of three places: kiss and drop, bus stop or supervised by a parent or teacher (such as OMA) in the passive area. Other arrangements need to be made with permission from the Head of School to ensure we have adequate supervision and know the whereabouts of all the children.

Mr Scott Cousins
Head of Junior School

Dates for your Diary
26 October Registrar’s High Tea 10am – 12noon
31 October Prep Orientation 1:30pm
2 November Prep Orientation 1:30pm
3 November JS Assembly 11:45am PAC
8 November KidsMatter Picnic & Celebrate Learning Day 12:30 – 2:30pm
9 November Red Ball Tennis Finals
14 November Kindergarten Orientation 1:30pm.  Children drop off at Kindergarten rooms & Parents meet in Staff Common Room
15 November Volunteers Morning Tea 10:30am
16 November Kindergarten Orientation 1:30pm.  Children drop off at Kindergarten rooms & Parents meet in Staff Common Room
17 November JS Assembly 11:45am PAC
20 November Year 4 into Year 5 2018 Orientation Day
22 November Years 3 & 4 HOPA Concert  11am - 12:30pm
23 November Puppet Show
24 November Drama Performance
27 November OMA Concert Dress Rehearsal/Photo Day
28 November OMA Concert 6 – 8:30pm
29 November Year 4 Graduation
30 November Year 4 Fun Day
1 December Christmas Assembly 9:15 in MPC
4 December Carols evening (students may leave school at 12:30pm
5 December JS Certificate Assembly
6 December Party and Fun Day
7 December Final Day for students and Presentation Night 6:15pm