As we conclude the year, I would like to thank you for the continued support and partnership as we teach your children in Junior School. There are too many highlights from this year to mention, however each one has included parents as assistants, organisers and supporters and it is through this collaborative effort that the special events and occasions have been so successful.
I trust you have a wonderful break and get some quality time with your precious children. Have a very safe and happy Christmas.

Staffing in Junior School - 2018
We will farewell Mrs Elliott at the conclusion of this year. She is taking leave to support her husband in his work in Wagga Wagga. We thank Miss Logan for her work in the Junior School and look forward to seeing her again, although in a different capacity next year. Miss Annabelle Lee has been on leave this year, and has decided not to return to full time work, so we farewell her officially also and thank her for the contributions made to Junior School over many years. Next year we have some new staff joining us, Mrs Betty-Joy Petschack, Miss Bethany Clark and Miss Amanda Fitzsimmons will be taking on permanent teaching rolls next year in the Junior School.

Stationery Orders
These will be delivered to your child this coming Tuesday.

Certificate Assembly, Tuesday 5 December
This event is on in the MPC at 9:15am. If your child is receiving an award, you will have been notified of this already.

Carols Night, Monday 4 December
This is a wonderful night for families and all Junior School children will be involved in the event to be held on the Junior School oval. Begins at 5pm on the oval (or MPC if wet weather) and all students are involved in the opening and closing items. Students may wear the same clothing worn for Friday’s Christmas Assembly.

Presentation Night
All of the students in Kindergarten will receive their certificates at the Thursday night event. Following the Kindergarten presentation, students are able to leave and will meet with their teachers briefly for a farewell presentation in the Senior School space.

All student reports are now in the mail, and will be also available online from Tuesday.

Mr Scott Cousins
Head of Junior School

4 Dec Carols evening (students may leave school at 12:30pm
5 Dec JS Certificate Assembly
6 Dec Party and Fun Day
7 Dec Final Day for students and Presentation Night 6:15pm