Acts 3:15
In the story of the healing of the crippled man of the Gate called Beautiful at the temple in Jerusalem, Peter the disciple of Jesus, spoke together with John, to the crowd of people who had witnessed the miracle of complete healing of the crippled man. In this verse, we are confronted with the statement that it was through the actions of the people that the Author of Life was killed. As Christians we understand that this was according to the will and purpose of God, but from the point of view of the people at that time in that place, there had been a strong demand to the authorities that Jesus be killed. They did not of course understand what they were doing, which was that the One who gave life, was having His human life taken away by those whom He had created.

It is really important for us to reflect and to share with our children the absolute horror of the cross and yet, the sublime beauty of the cross, as it was through the death and resurrection of Christ that we are at peace with God and have received eternal life and a home in Heaven. We cannot share this story too much with our children and with each other because of the cross and resurrection we have two pillars of the Christian faith. The cross and the resurrection together form the foundation of our faith and the fellowship we have with each other.

Dr E J Boyce